January 24, 2022

Milwaukee Bucks Coach Skiles Reprimands Villanueva for Tweeting From the Locker Room

“Bucks forward Charlie Villanueva got a talking-to from Skiles after the coach learned Villanueva posted a message to his Twitter feed — a “tweet” — from his mobile phone during halftime of Sunday’s home victory over the Boston Celtics.”

You have to read this article. There are two sides to this…a coach who thinks one of his top players is not serious, because he’s on Twitter in the locker room during halftime.  The other side of the story…in his post, Villaneuva (who goes by the screen name CV31) committed publicly to “step it up” in the second half, and he did.

As someone who works every day with leaders on accountability issues, there is something to be said for making a public commitment to thousands of people that you’re going to “step it up” or take on a big action.  You have that built-in accountability that is stronger than most types of “motivation.”  The embarassment factor of not fulfilling the commitment is huge, and I am sure Villaneuva knew that he was going to have to step it up or have major egg on his face from his Twitter followers.

So…if you’re having trouble reaching a goal…try making a public commitment to your Twitter network and see if your results improve..