January 24, 2022

R Strands for Rebuilding Trust: A Quick Quiz to Test Your Trust Level With Your Team

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Does Your Team Trust You? Take the Assessment Below to Find Out.

In today’s business world, leaders are finding that rebuilding trust…once broken can be a daunting task…one tiny thing happens or a wrong word spoken and trust goes flying out the window.  While there are numerous trust building and team building activities available today, I believe it is important to assess your current level of trust with your team before pursuing things such as outdoor trust building activities, retreats or even a conversation addressing any questions about trust.

When it comes to building trust, there are some very important things that employees are looking for in a leader, and they include (but are not limited to):

  1. A sense of safety.
  2. A sense that you are honest and truthful.
  3. A belief that you will make sacrifices, even put yourself and your job at risk for them.
  4. A sense that the team has a shared interest with each other AND with you…that you are all on the same page, moving in the same direction because you do share a common bond/interest.
  5. The ability to have open, honest and candid communication with you without feeling a fear of punitive action.
  6. A faith that you are leading them to a positive outcome (things may be shaky, but they know you are not going to leave them high and dry or throw them under the bus).
  7. A sense of confidence in your ability as a leader
  8. A feeling of authority…knowing that you are “in charge” but that you are not a dictator or a bully.
  9. A belief that know what you are doing…that you are competent at the job you are doing.
  10. A belief that you will honor your promises…and that if the promises don’t pan out, you will apologize and admit your shortcomings.

So, if you are a leader, and you are wondering how trustworthy you are, take this quick assessment.  When you complete the assessment, add up the number of “yes” answers you check and you will be directed to a page to give you an honest breakdown on how your team may feel about  you at this time. The only way to begin to rebuild trust is to become aware of your trust level at this time with your team and begin working on those things which may seem tiny to you but HUGE to your team members.  It may also be helpful to have a team member you trust take the assessment on your behalf to give you an honest read on how the team may feel.

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Trust Assessment

Please honestly answer "yes" or "no" to the following statements to determine if you are inspiring trust in your team. Before you hit the submit button, calculate the number of "yes" answers you chose. The assessment results with an explanation of your score will appear once you hit the submit button.

How to Get People to Know, Like and Trust You: Part 1: 10 Strategies for Becoming Well Known

If you haven’t received the memo…the way to both get business and to be a great leader is to take on actions and develop behaviors that will get people to know, like and trust you.  In the world of business, people buy from people they know, like and trust.  In the career world, people hire candidates they know, like and trust.  When it comes to promotions, acquiring a seat on a board of directors or being nominated for an award…same.  At the end of the day, if people have no idea who you are OR if they hate you OR if they find you are not worthy of trust…just do what you can tp shift.  Start today to change the way you interact with others.

Today’s blog will be on the “Getting to Know You”  piece of the puzzle.

So, here we go.

The “Do” List:

1.  Get out in your local and greater public and extend your hand for an introduction and a handshake.  This could be at a local business event, at the gym, at a party, during a hobby class or through taking continuing education programs.  I introduce myself to the person who is waiting in front of me at the grocery store often.  So, any time you are around people…introduce yourself.

2.  When you meet someone, ask about their interests.  Your curiosity will “break the ice” enough for you and the other person to see if you both want to get to know you better.

3.  Be transparent.  Be yourself and don’t hold back on your opinions.  If you are hard to read, people will tell others they don’t really know you.

4.  Be the same person at both home and at work.

5.  Have a strong online social networking presence.  Blog (make sure to blog as if you were having a conversation), tweet and do the Facebook thing.  Reach out to people and ask for a conversation by phone just to introduce yourself to take the relationship from just being on the web to an actual conversation.  When you travel, invite one of your online friends to coffee.  Do your best to extend the relationship to a face to face.

6.  Once you meet someone, give them your business card, and ask them to meet you for coffee.  Have your calendar ready to schedule the date.

7.  Go out during prime time hours…7-9 are prime time, and you will bump into all sorts of people who can get to know you.  Pick a favorite “locals” restaurant, and go there at least two times on a Friday night, and you will keep bumping into the active locals in your town.  Our locals spot is Vito’s.  When we go on a Friday night, we know about 75% of the people in the room…the more you show up repeatedly in one hot spot location, the more familiar you will become.

8.  Get to know your neighbors.  Go on walks, and strike up a conversation with other people who are out walking.  If you have a dog, walk your dog.  This is always a great conversation catalyst.

9.  Write a book or an e-book.  People will immediately want to know you if you are an author.  Anyone and everyone can write a book these days, and I am finding that some of the best books are self published.  If you have information that is valuable, and it is sitting in your brain, why not write a book?  It is a lot easier than you think.

10.  Take a series of continuing education classes in a field of interest.  If you take at least 4, you will bump into some of the same people, and they will get to know you and you will get to know them.

The “Don’t List (These things will probably keep you completely unknown!)

1.  Never leave your office or home.  Just go ahead and sit behind your computer or in front of a television in a dark room.  You can pretend that your online friends are your friends and that they know you, but they really don’t…some do, but most don’t.  They’re out there getting to know thousands of people while you sit in your dark room.

2.  When you go out to shop or dine, go late at night and sit alone in the corner.  This is the best time to “not bump into people” that MAY know you.

3.  Just don’t ever go to any functions…don’t go to any parties, events or community service functions.

4.  Don’t ever, ever get involved in your local community.

5.  Just skip the whole web presence thing…if you are someone who does not want to be known, just don’t open a blog, join Twitter or Facebook.  If you don’t want to be known, you will probably keep your blog, Facebook and Twitter pages private…so don’t bother.

6.  If you do have to go out, wear dark sunglasses and a huge hat like the stars do.  Of course, this attire will probably draw attention, so maybe small sunglasses and a baseball cap will draw less attention.

7.  When you go to events, just pretend you are someone else…take on a fake name and play the role of someone else.

8.  Wear very basic clothes…like jeans and a t-shirt everywhere you go.  If you dress up or wear anything wild or colorful…eeek…you might get noticed.

9.  Join a teleclass and just “lurk” in the background.  Do not unmute your phone.

10.  Just don’t make any friends.  You can’t be in a friendship if people can’t really get to know you.  Just stay at home at eat bon bons.

I know this “don’t” list sounds sarcastic, but it’s true.  I “know” people just like this, but I may be the only one who knows about them.  They stay isolated and then wonder why they aren’t getting hired, why their co-workers leave them out of functions and why their families don’t want them around…they are just too boring.

So, look at the above list and ask yourself…Do you fit into the “do” category or the “don’t” category.

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