October 31, 2020

Gen Y Trevor Immelman Wins The Masters

It was a glorious day yesterday. Trevor Immelman, age 28, walked home with a green jacket on his back.

And here come the young superstars! Congratulations Trevor. You were amazing!

Millennial Leaders


Gen Y At the Top of the Masters Leaderboard

The big day is today…the final round of the Masters Golf Tournament, and guess who’s at the top of the leaderboard? Two Gen Y’s: Trevor Immelman born in December of 1979 (is 28) and Brandt Snedeker, born October of 1980 (is 27).

There are all sorts of thoughts swirling around today about why they are not just in the lead but widening the gap. My take on this is that this is classic Gen Y…unphased by the bravado which usually swirls during the Masters and unaffected by what I call the “Tiger halo” that always comes when T. Woods starts moving to the head of the pack. Snedeker just seems to me like he’s having fun, and Immelman…well…he does not seem to be afraid to go low.

This again is another great example of Gen Y’s belief that they can do it all/be it all. We’ll see it if pays off today.

Good luck to everyone!

Millennial Leaders.