January 24, 2022

Leadership Coaching Lesson: Are Your Priorities Causing You to Sink or Swim?

Ah…you have lists and lists of things to do and such little time in which to complete them.  That list of phone calls you need to return, the evening out with your spouse or partner, you need to get the dog to the vet and the work list seems to get longer and longer every time you sit down to your desk.

Hmmm…you may be someone who is being challenged by setting priorities.

When I hear about how a leader is “drowning” in work, there are usually a few behaviors I notice:

1) The leader believes that everything is equally important (this is never true…trust me!)

2) The leader is a doer of all things, master of none.

3) The leader has a poor understanding of what the most critical priorities are and the ones that are “nice to have.”

So, today’s lesson is this:

1) Sit down with a piece of paper, and draw out a table like the one below and fill it out completely, including completion dates.


2) Only assign tasks to yourself that ONLY YOU CAN DO.  Delegate out everything else.

3) Look closely at your mission critical skills and get those done immediately.  It is not uncommon for those mission critical completions to take care of other things on your list.

4) Start saying NO to every request that is not mission critical.

5) Stop adding things to your list that will lead to a longer list down the road.  The name of the game is delegation!

And…if you really want to get some work done, sign up to take the Time Mastery Profile, and sign up for a two hour coaching session so that we can debrief your assessment and priorities.  You will find a few areas which are strong for you that can help you improve your priority setting immediately..