January 28, 2021

Yes Virginia! There is Leadership Over the Age of 50

Jo Caywood of Re-Creation Station

I want to thank Jo Caywood for this highly creative and heartfelt post.  It is so very fitting given we are in the height of the holiday season.  Thank-you Jo!

Virginia, we have come to that time of year again when I first learned about you and your letter asking if there was a Santa. In the years that have passed more of us than ever are now over the age of 50. In your first letter you asked if there was a Santa Claus, now you and others are asking if people can be leaders after reaching the age of 50.

Do you know many people think that after 50 a persons’ mind starts declining? They are so busy in the business of their own world and don’t realize that when people reach the age of 50 they have re-created their personal lives as well as their professional lives many times. Through the process of re-creating ourselves we find many areas of our lives enhanced in ways we never expected and have developed new leadership skills in the process. [Read more…]