September 23, 2021

PODCAST: For Innovation to Succeed, You Must Be Willing to Be a Politician

Many people cringe at the thought of being “political” in business.  But, at the end of the day, when you are entering into a phase of innovation, you must be willing to sit down and get buy in from the political movers and shakers in your organization.  During this podcast, Bea Fields addresses the topic of political savvy and its relationship to the innovation process.

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PODCAST: The Building Blocks of Successful Innovation

Innovation is a tough process and involves many moving parts.  During this podcast, Bea Fields will present the first building blocks required for successful innovation.

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Y Talk Interview with Brandon Evans, Managing Partner for Mr. Youth on the Consumer 2.0 Report

Listen in to this special interview with Mr. Youth’s Managing Partner, Brandon Evans

Mr. Youth has been trumpeted by Inc. Magazine as being one of the fastest growing private businesses in the USA, and rightfully so. The company believes that marketing to a young audience should be fun, innovative and pursued with excellence. During this special Y-Talk interview, we will be talking with Mr. Youth’s Managing Partner, Brandon Evans about the new Consumer 2.0 study which explores The Five Rules To Engage a New Breed of Customer.