January 24, 2022

Lastest Leadership News

“Effective leadership in any business is a continual effort. Some have said it is a journey, not the destination. Your Business Development Examiner has reviewed the top business leadership books on the market today and humbly makes the following recommendations”.

I have flipped through these books, and they do look like they are worth the read.  For those of you who are not a big fan of Sarah Palin, I agree with the reviewer on her book…read Going Rogue if only to find out how she worked with both sides to govern Alaska.  In leadership, it is critical to be able to have the political savvy to be able to work with the opposition. You will be happy in the end that you did.

The Ubiquity of Facebook

Behind the scenes at Facebook
“…as human beings we are capable of making sense of situations based on the thinnest slice of experience.” — Malcolm Gladwell , author of Blink and The Tipping Point . IT’S EVERYWHERE: The ubiquity of Facebook is undeniable and it occupies an increasingly all-encompassing place in our culture. It’s the ultimate social networking site — at least for now — and it’s free. It seems like everyone …
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Lastest Leadership Coaching News

John Wooden embodied American spirit in his amazing lifetime
During the small, private luncheon last July at which he formally was introduced as Sporting News’ greatest coach in sports, John Wooden sat quietly and listened to a chorus of praise that consumed nearly a half-hour. It was, simply the price he’d have to pay to enjoy the company of his players once more, perhaps one final time. John Wooden embodied greatness, on and off the court. Kareem Abdul …
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