November 30, 2021

How to Get People to Know, Like and Trust You: Part 3: How to Get People to Trust You

Trust is the new ROI

Ever thought of building trust as a way to build up your bottom line profits?

Have you ever thought about building trust?

In this day and age, we are viewable anywhere and almost at any time of the day…You Tube, Facebook, Twitter and friends have made that possible.  And…if you want to build a thriving enterprise, as the leader of the company, people HAVE to know they can count on you.

So, how do you really build trust?  The answer is so simple, but it is so hard to live every day.

Let’s just keep this simple:


1.  Trust yourself and your abilities.

2. Show respect to others.

3. Show up early for each and every event.

4. Talk straight…don’t sugar coat your message.

5. Take responsibility and admit it when you make a mistake.

6. Hold YOURSELF accountable…AND ask others to hold you accountable and call you on your stuff when you slip.

7.  Don’t EVER make promises.  When you hear the word “promise”…RUN!  In this day and age, we just cannot make promises.  Anything can happen (even a natural disaster) that can break the promise.

8.  Be brief and crystal clear in your communication.  Repeat what you said 3 times to people.

9.  Follow up on each thing you said you would follow up on.

10.  Do it NOW!  Or…for heaven’s sake…delegate it!

11.  Be out in the open and as accessible as possible.

12.  When someone tells you something in confidence, keep it locked away deep in your heart.  Even if you tell your spouse, you just broke trust.

13.  Be consistent and predictable…with your mood, decisions and the way you treat people.

14.  Listen and listen carefully.

15.  Be coachable…if you are not, then hire a coach!


1. Lie  (both white lies and fish tales count)

2. Hide behind your desk and lock yourself in your office for most of the day.

3.  Gossip about your employees to anyone who will listen.

4.  When an employee does something great, make sure to take credit for the success.  Hey…you are the owner of the company…it must be because of you!

5.  Blame other people for your mistakes.

6.  Be late for EVERY occasion (I can think of a few political leaders who live this one every day…oh…we can be late…we’re important! )

7.  Make promises and just don’t devlier.

8.  Keep making excuses as to why something is not done.

9.  Let your team and company just fall apart around you and sit with a dumbfounded look that says “Duh…what happened?”

10.  Be as muddy as you can in your communication and talk in circles…that really gets people confused.

11.  When you are asked a tough question, avoid it, walk around it and start talking about what YOU want to talk about.

12.  Write nasty emails to employees.

13.  Take a big top job just so that you can talk and have people hear you.

14.  Use company money to buy the best family tent and take your own personal vacations.

15.  Just be a jerk.  Treat everyone in your company like dirt…they don’t deserve your respect anyway…you’re the head guy…you can do what you want.

16.  Throw a big party with booze, women and the best adult services from in your office at 5:00…that makes a great impression.

17.  Change your name…make sure to have at least 3 aliases.

18.  Change your mood every day…make people “guess” what mood will walk in the door.

19.  Play favorites and make sure the public knows who you like best!

20.  Don’t listen to anyone other than yourself…because…hey…you know it all!

21.  Interrupt people constantly…only you need the floor, because as 20 says…you know it all!  No one else needs to talk…just you.

This list sounds bizarre…right???  I’ve seen em all.