January 24, 2022

All The Ways Laziness Is Costing You Money

I started getting frustrated yesterday with the television in my  bedroom.  So, I went to Best Buy…thinking I needed another television.  Then, it struck me.  Hmmm…I bet all I need is a new cable.

So, I bought a new cable cord…$9.00.  I went home, reconnected all, and voila!  Television and cable are now beauuuutiful.

I actually started thinking “Oh what the heck…I’ll just get a new television rather than trying to figure out what’s wrong with the thing!”

Then, today, across my reader came this article from Forbes.

All The Ways Laziness Is Costing You Money

Great read for everyone!  And, I feel accomplished fixing my television.  Now…can someone send me ideas on Vonage?  We are almost there but still not great!.

Forbes.com: Most Trusted Companies

Which company do you think was recently voted as the most trustworthy company by Forbes.com? One clue: The company was voted as having solid accounting practices, being transparent, following the book in the domain of corporate governance, an absence of negative events and operating with an all-around clean slate.

Find out who the winner is from this video from March 27, 2008

Watch video here .

Job Hunting Still Looks Bright for Gen Y

The article, Job Hunting In A Downturn, which appeared on Forbes.com on 03/04/08 points out that even though the economy is a bit sluggish, this is probably not going to affect Gen Y’s ability to land a job (of course, the question is always Will Gen Y be able to find the job that they want?)

Based on everything we are learning, it appears that the need for this young, tech savvy, entrepreneurial minded generation is going to only get stronger in the future. We will watch and see how all goes over the next few months.

Millennial Leaders.