December 10, 2019

How Judge Sonia Sotomayer Mastered the Broken Record by Jeannette Paladino

Jeannette Paladino had a great post this past week on how Judge Sotomayer has mastered the “broken record” technique during her questioning this past week by the Senate Judicial Committee.

Jeanette makes some great points that we can all learn from in this post, so check it out here.  I agree that Sotomayer has kept her cool and played the game that needed to be played this past week..

How the Mighty Fall by Jim Collins: The 5 Warning Stages

If you have not yet had the chancehowthemightyfall to pick up a copy of Jim Collins’ book: How The Mighty Fall, I highly recommend this book.  As always, Collins has researched companies that were once great and studied their decline.  There are 5 stages in the downward spiral, and leaders can learn a great deal by noticing the stages.  As Collins points out, it is much easier to turn a company around in the early stages of the decline.

For an excerpt from the book, visit this link on Business Week online..

Michael Jackson: The King of Pop But Also A Global Leader

I join the world today in celebrating the life of music icon Michael Jackson.

It is odd to me that just yesterday, I shared one of my favorite quotes with you by John Quincy Adams:

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.

– John Quincy Adams

We all may not realize, but if you buy into the above quote, Michael Jackson is one of the most world changing leaders of the last five decades.  He changed the way the music industry looked, sounded and felt.  He inspired dance.  His video Black or White showed that he wanted the world to know about the cultures of the world, wanted to see walls between black and white fall down, and I do believe that his life is an inspiration to us all.

I hope today that everyone will remember and know that Michael Jackson was a genius and was followed by not millions but billions of people.   In 1970, when the song ABC came out, I will never forget this day.  Michael Jackson and The Jackson 5 were on Dick Clark’s American Bandstand.  My next door neighbor, Teresa Castleberry, had learned a few Michael Jackson “moves” and she came over to my house, and she danced away (and taught me a few of the moves).  My whole family was laughing and just in awe over her moves…we had never seen them done before…but they were Michael’s moves.  So, he changed even the way Teresa Castleberry and little ole me viewed dance.

So, just a few of the obvious things to tickle your brain.

1) The video TRHRILLER changed the world of video music.  After THRILLER, everyone in the music industry (and the public) saw the bar raised on music video and had to start getting super creative with the way they presented their music to MTV and VH1.  No more just standing behind the mic and singing your song into the camera.

2) The moonwalk changed dance (just look at the hip hop industry if you don’t believe this)

3) The video Black or White was controversial at its time, but racial, cultural and geographical barriers are falling down as I write this.  You may argue that this had nothing to do with Black or White.  I would argue the video was the catalyst for the acceptance movement we are experiencing around the world.

So, today, I leave you with the video.  Just watch and see Michael Jackson…not just the king of pop but a visionary and global leader.


All The Ways Laziness Is Costing You Money

I started getting frustrated yesterday with the television in my  bedroom.  So, I went to Best Buy…thinking I needed another television.  Then, it struck me.  Hmmm…I bet all I need is a new cable.

So, I bought a new cable cord…$9.00.  I went home, reconnected all, and voila!  Television and cable are now beauuuutiful.

I actually started thinking “Oh what the heck…I’ll just get a new television rather than trying to figure out what’s wrong with the thing!”

Then, today, across my reader came this article from Forbes.

All The Ways Laziness Is Costing You Money

Great read for everyone!  And, I feel accomplished fixing my television.  Now…can someone send me ideas on Vonage?  We are almost there but still not great!.