September 25, 2020

10 Ways Generation Y Will Change the Workplace by Ryan Healy

I have been out over the last week, and I am just catching up on all of the juicy Gen Y stuff.  10 Ways Generation Y Will Change the Workplace by Ryan Healy over at EmployeeEvolution is really great..

6 Ways to Get Respect Quickly, Despite Your Youth by Chuck Westbrook

Chuck Westbrook has a great post on Employee Evolution back from August 6 (but is still relevant) on how Gen Y’s can get respect in the workplace, despite their youth.

I had an interview last month with Jacci Schiff, and we were talking about this very point. We discussed how many Gen Y’s just simply may not know about these career skills. As a Baby Boomer, I believe it’s important for us to talk to our kids and students about doube checking our typos, showing up on time, how to listen, how to ask great questions and how to be a leader.

Another skill that many Gen Y’s are saying is missing is face to face time, especially face to face networking. Human connection happens through dialogue, through a smile and through telling stories which build common ground. Let’s all take the time to work on these skills that Chuck mentions. We can all use a refresher course.

Great post Chuck!.