October 20, 2021

Businesss Comic Books Hit Bookstores Today

If you are looking for a new, quick and exciting approach to reading a business book, Roundtable  Companies has just launched its first wave of business comic books in bookstores across America today.

I picked up a copy of The Long Tail by Chris Anderson, and I cannot wait to see how RTC has portrayed one of my favorite business books of all times.

So head over to Amazon and check out the suite of books now available

If you go to this page, and scroll down, you will see the business comic books on sale.  Just pop open the screencast link to see a glimpse of this first selection of business comics.  Have Fun!


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TED Video: Barry Schwartz on Doing the Right Thing

This is so odd that this video popped into my email today.  I was just talking with a client yesterday about “doing what is right and virtuous vs. doing what the corporation/society WANT us to do”.  Barry Schwartz really hits the nail on the head in this video…following our wisdom about the right thing to do is key to our happiness and well being.

If you don’t like what you see going on around you, speak up…it’s now or may be never!