December 2, 2021

Gen Y Training

Generation Y is flooding into the workplace in unprecedented numbers and is reshaping the foundations by which many organizations were built, managed and lead. This disruption is leading to many questions, concerns and points of contention among the business community as a whole.

Bea Fields Companies, Inc. is honored to be able to offer a suite of world class coaching and training programs designed specifically to meet the leadership development needs of our next generation of leaders.

Our Millennial Leaders coaching, speaking and training programs were created with the future of institutions and organizations at the heart of their development. The framework of these courses profile the core of Generation Y and offer very targeted tactics and strategies to embrace the gifts, talents and quirks of Gen Y.  The  methodologies we use will be presented with the goal of building the future of highly proficient, productive, innovative and dynamic organizations in mind.

For more information on how your company can get started with our Millennial Leaders training programs, please contact Bea Fields at or by telephone at (910) 691-6118..