December 2, 2021

Can Tech Companies Continue to Innovate Without Women at The Table?

Women and TechnologyGreat article on Fast Company yesterday:  Can Tech Companies Continue to Innovate Without Women at the Table?

The article makes the case that while “some companies don’t think that diversifying their all white-dude boards will make a difference on fostering innovation, a business case can be made as to why having women at the boardroom table or as executives can significantly increase companies’ profits.”

I think we all need to check out this article.  Women are dominating social networks, they are the biggest group of online buyers and they are often the decision maker when buying just about anything for home and family.  So, check out the article today.  Would love to hear your feedback.

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Dressing for Leadership: A Video/Audio Interview with Dolores Hagen of Sixty and Sensational

I had the pleasure today of interviewing Dolores Hagen of Sixty and Sensational on the topic of dress, style, hair and make-up for women who are in leadership roles.  As you all know, your credibility can be either helped or harmed by the way you look on the outside.

I encourage all women of all ages to watch this video.  Dolores did a wonderful job pointing out what works and what often doesn’t by critiquing some of our world’s most famous women leaders.  Included in the video presentation are comments on First Lady Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, the new Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

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Just click the play button and you will be taken to Fuze Meeting to watch and listen the interview.  Great stuff!

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