December 2, 2021

Putting Facebook in Perspective by Mark Bonchek

Social Media MarketingEach day, I am approached by business leaders about the use of social media and how the Facebook, Twitter and Linked In revolution will play out in the business world.  I don’t quite know how to answer that question for the future, but for today:  It is very relevant to be using social media as a way to engage in ongoing dialogue with customers, employees, vendors and the general public.

Earlier this month, Mark Bonchek, blogger for Harvard Business Review wrote a wonderful article, Putting Facebook in Perspective about how social media is coming into view along six trajectories.  This is a must read article for anyone who has any qualms about using social media to build a vibrant community and conversation with your business at the forefront of the conversation.  Very enlightening!

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Can Tech Companies Continue to Innovate Without Women at The Table?

Women and TechnologyGreat article on Fast Company yesterday:  Can Tech Companies Continue to Innovate Without Women at the Table?

The article makes the case that while “some companies don’t think that diversifying their all white-dude boards will make a difference on fostering innovation, a business case can be made as to why having women at the boardroom table or as executives can significantly increase companies’ profits.”

I think we all need to check out this article.  Women are dominating social networks, they are the biggest group of online buyers and they are often the decision maker when buying just about anything for home and family.  So, check out the article today.  Would love to hear your feedback.

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Assessment: Are You Truly a Digitally Savvy Leader?

Social Networking SitesI think it is safe to say that the old ways of branding (fancy logos plastered on newspaper ads and television screens) are outdated and are simply not working. With DVRs and remote controls, people block out advertising, and if you have not noticed, newspapers are becoming thinner and thinner and are being replaced by online marketing mechanisms.

New media (online social networking, forums, bookmarketing sites and news feeds) are forcing all of us to rethink our approaches to marketing if we want to stay alive in the world of business.

So, take a few minutes and assess yourself by answering these ten statements: Are You Truly a Digitally Savvy Leader? If you do not answer “yes” to each of these questions, the time is now to brush up on your skill sets.  Take the assessment here.

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Why Twitter Matters

Great article in Business Week about Twitter.

Some people are not sure if Twitter is the next wave.  I learned about Twitter from DK of over a year ago.  DK taught me that Gen Y loves to “snack” on bits and bites of information.  Because Twitter only allows 140 characters, it is attractive to those of us who are time starved and is great for Gen Y who are multi-tasking masters.

TwitterSync is now available on Facebook, so when I Twitter, it now shows up on my Facebook I get the benefit of two appearances for one quick post.  And…a lot of businesses are now using Twitter, so check it out!..

Y Talk Interview with Ryan Paugh of

Listen in below to this great Y-Talk interview with Ryan Paugh, one of the founders of

Ryan Paugh graduated from Penn State University in 2006 with a Bachelor’s in Journalism. He joined Merck & Co, Inc. in the corporate communications field, where he became interested in workplace issues facing Generation Y. He also took an interest in how social media can impact the way we approach our careers. He founded Employee Evolution with Ryan Healy, where he found an outlet for his curiosities.

Paugh currently lives in Madison, WI and is a co-founder of Brazen Careerist, Inc. His passion is making Brazen Careerist into a community for young professionals to make their voices heard.

Paugh has been featured in The Wall Street Journal and The Associated Press. He speaks to companies, organizations and students about issues affecting Generation Y and how to leverage social media to better your personal and professional lives.

During this interview, we discuss how to use social media to build a business and online network. Great stuff!

If you are between the ages of 20-29 and if you have something to say and blog about and would be interested in learning more about how to get involved in, just head on over to the site today to sign up!.

Younger Workers More Likely to Break Corporate Rules for Web Apps

Nice article in CIO recently about Gen Y’s use of web applications at work and the potential security risks involved.

I agree with what Penelope Trunk has to say: “People can pick up the phone and read corporate memos to competitors, but businesses certainly couldn’t survive without a phone,” she says. That same type of logic can be used to show the benefits of younger workers. Without them, businesses would have a harder time keeping up with the pace as technology changes around them, so the argument against Web 2.0 use is “ridiculous,” she says.

I believe that over the next few years, Gen Y is going to move our business networking online anyway. The article even stated that “When asked whether they feel entitled to use whatever application/device/technology they would like, regardless of source or corporate IT policies, 69 percent of Millennials said “yes” (only 31 percent of “other” workers’ fell into this category)”.

In my opinion, Millennials are going to be using the platforms anyway outside of work, and many work from home. Many organizations are actually forming an internal Gen Y task force to look at how to start using web apps in the most efficient and effective manner (many are using Facebook for networking and Second Life for training purposes). Those companies who embrace web apps as an opportunity to grow the business are going to come out ahead..