December 2, 2021

Putting Facebook in Perspective by Mark Bonchek

Social Media MarketingEach day, I am approached by business leaders about the use of social media and how the Facebook, Twitter and Linked In revolution will play out in the business world.  I don’t quite know how to answer that question for the future, but for today:  It is very relevant to be using social media as a way to engage in ongoing dialogue with customers, employees, vendors and the general public.

Earlier this month, Mark Bonchek, blogger for Harvard Business Review wrote a wonderful article, Putting Facebook in Perspective about how social media is coming into view along six trajectories.  This is a must read article for anyone who has any qualms about using social media to build a vibrant community and conversation with your business at the forefront of the conversation.  Very enlightening!

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Leadership Coaching: Be a More Effective Coach By Letting Your Voice Be Heard on 5 Hot Topics on Twitter

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Let Your Voice Be Heard By Speaking Up On Twitter

I have always been somewhat cause driven, and in the leadership coaching industry, we are often encouraged to keep our opinions about public events at bay. I feel this is a serious mistake.

We have a large number of issues going on in our world as I write this post, and I know from talking privately to leadership coaches, they are quite concerned about these topics. And, from talking with my executive clients, they are also losing sleep on some very large issues that, if not addressed, are going to seriously affect our country and world.

Many people shy away from using Twitter. They say the really don’t want to hear what Mary is eating for breakfast or that Bill is walking his dog on a sunny Saturday morning…they say the just “don’t get it”. But if you look more closely and listen more deeply, you will find that Twitter is now being used to discuss some very big local, national and global issues. I have found that by getting involved in these conversations in a bold but professional way, my leadership coaching can become more bold…more effective. I also believe it is important when coaching a client, if a personal bias of yours about a current issue comes into the conversation, it is critical to let your client know that you have a bias in a certain direction so that you are being clean and upfront.

When I go out to to find the big trending topics for the day, it is not uncommon for me to see names like Lindsay Loahah, Paris Hilton or another “celebrity gone bad” trending topic (gives me insight into our pop culture world and where our minds are, which might be a big blog post for me). But, I have nothing to say about these two women who are being focused on in the media for their woes. I wish them the best and hope that they get their lives on track.

It is 10:45, and I just did a search, and here are the trending topics for today.

Trending topics for October 1 at 10:45 a.m. : Awareness Month , #octoberwish , #usmile , #marina43 , Bin Laden , Paranormal Activity , Google Street , Ryder Cup , Pioneer , Nigeria

In scanning this list, I don’t see any that I feel a burning desire to tweet about, but I might go out and just tickle people’s minds as a reminder that this is Breast Cancer Awareness month and to encourage women to make sure to gete an annual check up and mammogram. I love golf, but I don’t want to weigh in on how nasty the weather is, etc.

So, if these topics are not good ones to get involved in, here are 5 hot topics swirling around in the USA this week that can also apply to international leadership coaching.

5 Hot Topics to Inspire Your Leadership Coaching

Education: With the opening of the documentary Waiting for Sumperman and the announcement last Friday that Facebook Founder, Mark Zuckerberg is donating over $100,000,000.00 to the education reform program in Newark, NJ, the media and the public have done a great job of bringing the topic of education to the forefront. This is a topic where we can all contribute. This initiative will die if we don’t talk about it, and our future as a nation WILL be determined by how strong our education system is. To get involved and learn more, visit Every time you tweet about education, donate $1.00 or volunteer to get involved, it helps!

The Election: We have a BIG election season this fall. I am just really amazed at both the great candidates and the questionable candidates who will be on ballots around the country. But, at the end of the day, we have a big privelege and I believe an obligation…to vote! By getting involved in a few conversations on Twitter about senatorial candidates or gubernatorial candidates, you can learn more about who to vote for. A great place to start is by going to to see what the big conversations are all about.

Bullying and Cyberbullying: I won’t go into the numerous cases during the past year around bullying and cyberbullying which have led to horrible endings, but I will say this: Bullying and cyberbullying are not harassment acts which occur in the K-12 environments. It is also occurring at the corporate and community level with adults slammingeach other online or spreading rumors that are simply not true. The internet is a wonderful convenience, and it is now being used as a weapon….a weapon that is leading to a rise in teen suicide and an increase in employee resignations. To get involved and follow the discusssion, go to

Internet Privacy: There is freedom of speech and press in America, and now we have the freedom to share anything we want about ourselves or others on the internet. The majority of people now have the ability to snap a pic with a phone or open a phone video camera to catch the action…the next thing you know, it’s on the internet. Big Brother has arrived! We are now past the age of being able to do anything we want, thinking no one is looking. So, as my grandmother always said…do the right thing…even when no one is looking. Start weighing in on the conversation by going to

The Economy: It seems to me that everyone is mouthing off about the economy and the lack of jobs but that does not seem to be stopping a large population of people from spending beyond their means, applying for more credit cards and using those cards because they are depressed or bored. I believe that we can all do something to help with our economic crisis by beginning in our own homes and local communities. I have friends and family members who don’t really care for the advice dished out by people like Clark Howard or Suze Orman, but in my opinion, they give great tips and direction on how to start taking small (and big) steps to help our financial information. So, to get started on Twitter, check out and These two are probably not going to “follow you back” but you can certainly follow their tweets to see what topics you may want to blog or tweet about.

By getting involved in conversations on Twitter, you will find that in the leadership coaching you offer your clients, you will:

  • Ask more provocative questions
  • Listen more closely to feedback
  • Engage more in open dialogue
  • Be able to spot repeating patterns more quickly
  • Challenge your clients more
  • Be bolder in stating your perspective

So, if you want your leadership coaching to get bolder and more challenging for your clients, try speaking up and speaking out on Twitter! You never know who is listening.

Is Your Social Networking Making You Fat?

Fascinating video from TED on the impact of social networks.  The focus is on obesity, yet the message can apply to financial wealth, happiness, success and a variety of life factors.

Are You Asking the Question “How Can I Help You?” On Linked In? If Not, You Are About to Find a Treasure!

payingitforwardA little over a year ago, I was intrigued with a young man named Ryan Allis. The then and now 24-25 year old CEO of one of the fastest growing companies in the USA, i-Contact, was not only a cracker jack businessman, but he was (and still is) on a mission to see world hunger end during his lifetime.  Because of The Gen Y Project, I wanted to interview this rising rock star for my interview series.

As with all “in demand” CEOs, Ryan had a “communications person” to go through. My immediate thought was “Great…I have to go through one more communications director to get to someone I want to interview.”  These interactions often end in a “Sorry…but our CEO is too busy to talk to you right now,” so naturally, my balloon was a bit deflated.

But…something happened that shocked me!  I immediately had a call from  the i-Contact Communications Director, Chuck Hester, and my belief  about communications directors being difficult to work with was shattered in about two minutes.  He was a sheer joy to work with, called me back immediately, made me feel as if my internet radio show was so important to i-Contact, and I suddenly had a new person in my network who I consider to be in the top 5 of my list of the greatest business people in the world (and folks…I have met a LOT of people in my lifetime.)  I got the interview with Ryan Allis, and it was a big hit!  No surprise there!

I had the opportunity to meet Chuck for i-Contact’s birthday celebration last year, and he was just as endearing in person as he was over the telephone…no phoniness to this man, and I learned a little secret.  He was a Linked-In genius.  He began describing to me how he uses Linked-In as a tool to meet people as he travels around the country and how it has helped him personally and has supported i-Contact in becoming a multi-million dollar company.  As a matter of fact, the company is so successful that it was recently named the #1 Email Marketing Service Provider and Resource for Web professionals by Website Magazine

As a result, Chuck has now written a book by the name of Linking In to Pay it Forward, and this is one of those books that every business owner should have.  Chuck has been generous enough to offer my network a great offer, including:

  • an autographed copy of the book
  • a discount off the retail price
  • free shipping
  • an entry into a contest to receive a free Linked-In consultation with Chuck

Read the full details about the book and Chuck Hester here.

To get this great offer, simply go to and type in payitforward10 as the promo code during check out.

Bea Fields Companies, Inc. has no material connection to the above endorsement.