May 27, 2020

Asking Makes a Difference

“Roughly a third of young Americans would give a “great deal of consideration” to entering government service if asked by their parents, a teacher or — surprisingly — the next president of the United States, according to a Gallup survey.”

Not Asked What They Can Do for Their Country by Stephen Barr, columnist for the Washington Post brings up a study by Gallup which points to the belief that millennials would be more likely to enter government service if asked by our Commander in Chief.

Interesting read..

Obama Denounces Wright

For the first time in a long time, Senator Obama is coming across as someone who is presidential and can address the challenges of someone (Wright) who seems to me to be one of the most narcissistic and self serving men I have observed in a while.   I have been wondering how Obama would handle someone like Wright, and I am now convinced that he can draw a line in the sand when needed.  I believe Obama just saved his reputation and his place on the November ballot.


Clinton Not Backing Down…Not Giving Up!

I am still not convinced that Senator Clinton can win the democratic nomination. She seems to still be struggling with the likability factor, and her husband continues to cause problems for her with the media and the public at large. However, there is one thing I have to say that is working for Clinton…she’s a fighter, and she does not back down or give up, even in the face of adversity.

She won Pennsylvania yesterday by 10 points. This still keeps Obama squarely in the lead with 1714 delegates to Clinton’s 1584. BUT…She said she was going to win PA, and she did.

I have learned in life a valuable lesson…that giving up too soon is often the reason for failure. Much of this has to do with the craving we have in today’s world for instant results and immediate gratification. When we have a setback, we often throw up our hands and say “I quit”.

We hear it every day…that setbacks and failures are a part of success. We seem to get it intellectually, but we often can’t seem to internalize it enough to make the change. Today, as you are reading this blog, think of a past failure or setback and what this watershed moment did for you in your life. What did you learn? How did life change? How did you grow? You may be surprised that you will find a few pieces of gold in those thorns..

Why the GOP lost the youth vote in USA Today

Great article in USA Today yesterday.

The article points to Gen Y’s tolerance for diversity, a desire for a more optimistic view on social issues and the need for emphasis on environmental issues..

Obama Reveals the Secret to Attracting the Net Generation on ERE Blog Network

For those of you who don’t know, I am also blogging for ERE Blog Network.

Check out my post today: Obama Reveals the Secret to Attracting the Net Generation ..

Idealism, Web spark teens’ interest in presidential race

This article discusses teens’ keen interest in the Presidential election and why Obama is still the preferred candidate for young voters.

The paragraph on teens and civic/social causes is most interesting. Check out the article on .

The Big Issues for Young Voters by Anya Kamenetz

Anya Kamenetz has a great post today on Yahoo Finance about the issues facing young voters. A big concern? The economy.

Several more senior leaders have been telling me that Gen Y does not seem concerned about the economy, but this is not what I am hearing, and Kamenetz’s opinion is more in line with what I am hearing..

Obama is My Cool Art Teacher and Clinton is My Mean Science Teacher in New America Media

New America Media has a great post from March 14 by the title of Obama is My Cool Art Teacher and Clinton is My Mean Science Teacher.

I would not call Hillary Clinton mean (I see her as direct and to the point), yet many Millennials are saying that they do view Obama as more of an inspirational, hip leader and Clinton as more of a grandmother figure. The interesting twist here is that many of the Millennials we are speaking with are turning to men and women of their grandparents’ generation for mentoring and support.

As we all know, grandparents are much more forgiving and patient with their grandchildren. And…many Millennials will be the first to tell you that when both parents in the home are working, the grandparents are stepping in to help out.

At any rate, check out this post for an interesting and humorous perspective.

Millennial Leaders.

And Here Comes Texas: Prarie View A & M (Texas) Gen Y’s Shut Down Highway as They March 7 Miles to Vote on First Day of Early Voting in Texas

So…here comes Gen Y…just a taste of what they can do.  Very inspiring…reminds me of their parents in the 60s.


Check out the comments on Rural Votes blog

Millennial Leaders.

Barack Obama Video: Young voters energize election


So…do you notice the way Obama interacts with young voters? Do you hear the words “revolution” being mentioned.

This video shows exactly why young voters are so attracted to Obama..