January 28, 2022

The Leadership Strengths of the 5 Remaining GOP Candidates

Oh My!  So much mud!  So many ads!  So many debates!  So many exaggerations!  What do we do when we go to the polls to elect the GOP nominee?

The majority of the time, you hear the media talk issues, voting records, skeletons in the closet and an entire host of other things.  But I just don’t hear a great deal about the leadership strengths the GOP candidates would bring to the White House.

After having observed each of the candidates, I want to give you my two cents on what leadership traits they do bring to the table.  And, as a leadership coach, I do believe that these skills should be considered when you walk into the ballot box.

GOP Candiates

From Left to Right: Governor Rick Perry, Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, Senator Rick Santorum, Congressman Ron Paul and Governor Mitt Romney

The Candidates Listed in Alphabetical Order by Last Name:

Newt Gingrich:  Strong presentation skills, decades of political experience, knows where the political landmines are, uses storytelling effectively to let people know where we have been and where we are going.  He is tough and makes no apologies about being straightforward.

Rick Perry:  Charisma and that swagger that we often see come from Texas.  He knows what his followers want, and he knows how to speak to what his supporters want to hear.   When he is “on”, he is infectious (in a positive way).  He does not try to be something is isn’t and is strong with using self depricating humor.

Ron Paul:  Authentic, trustworthy, steady, consistent, patient and willing to go against the grain.  Paul is on a mission, and that mission is not to win a popularity contest but to inspire people with a compelling message of liberty, freedom and justice for all. He inspires people to follow him into unconventional territory using a vision that he has been speaking about for 20 years. He does not give up!

Mitt Romney:  Strong business acumen, strong executive presence, pragmatic, turn-around experience and driven by details and facts.  Romney strikes me as a results-oriented leader who is always looking at the bottom line so that he can execute a plan to improve it.

Rick Santorum:  Principled, strong family values and a track record of political experience.  He seems to have a deep passion and a purpose, and this does mean something in the world of leadership.  He is not a pushover and knows how to take a stand when attacked.

If you are voting in any of the upcoming Republican primaries, just keep these in mind as you vote.  You are not just voting based on issues.  You are voting for a leader!

Myth Squashing Time! There’s No Need To Vote If You Can’t Seek The Truth

2012-ABC-New-Hampshire-GOP-DebateSo, here we are again…in the middle of one of the most highly contested Republican primary seasons I can remember, and I have had the right to vote now for 34 years.

Over the last few days, a few things have been taken out of context, and it’s time to give the media, the candidates and the voters a wake up call, and here it is:

1.  To the media and the candidates:  If you claim to be fair, why do you report things out of context?  Yesterday, Governor Mitt Romney delivered a speech about “firing people or companies who don’t provide great service”.  He was discussing the state of affairs with health insurance companies and that as consumers, we should have the right to “fire” an insurance company that is not providing us what we need and hire a new insurance company who can provide the services we seek” (paraphrase).  But, as always, Romney’s opponents and the media simply clipped out the section when Romney said “I like being able to fire people who provide services to me” and then started flying down the tracks with that statement in their hands claiming that during one of the worst economic eras since the great depression, Romney wants to fire people.  If that is what you are going to listen to and buy into, then don’t vote.  I am 100% for voting, unless you are a voter who does not take the time to get the full story.  Just watch this video of Romney speaking yesterday and pay close attention to how the phrase was actually used:

While he may now regret his phrasing…he is absolutely right!  If you have an employee, vendor or board member who is not doing his or her job and are hurting your business or life, then they should be asked to move on and find other work or other customers.  Every day I work with leaders in the business and non-profit sector who KNOW they have a bad apple on their team or a vendor who is slack, but they are soooooo afraid to fire anyone.  Maybe we need someone with the guts to say “Hey…you are not doing your job for the American people.  Move on!”

I am not writing this to back Mitt Romney.  I am writing it, because as a leadership coach, I cannot take things out of context and then use them, and as a leader, you cannot take things out of context or take a thin slice of a full statement and then slam a person with it.  So, I urge you to look at the full picture.

2.  To the media, candidates and the American people:  Stop calling our visionary leaders crazy, cranks and odd.  That is just again not fair.  Dr. Ron Paul has been called crazy, a crank and odd.  In 2002, he was really called crazy when he delivered this speech to congress in 2012:

So, was he crazy?  I don’t think so.  This speech is very sobering indeed.

Walt Disney was called crazy, and look at the joy and happiness his “craziness” has brought into our lives.   Steve Jobs was called “crazy” when he introduced the iPod, and our world has been forever changed because of his vision.   Dr. Paul has been trying to warn Congress and the American people since the late 1990s that we were headed for some big trouble on both foreign and domestic fronts, but everyone just said “Oh…crazy Ron…there he goes again, saying that we are going to pour money into the Gaza and Afghanastan and that we are headed for an economic meltdown.”  Paul was not crazy…he was right.  He is a smart man who closely follows and studies foreign relations and economics, and he understands that history repeats itself, moves in repeating patterns and cycles around and around the same issues:  money, religion and resources.  He has always been looking into the future, and some people just don’t have the vision to be able to really see down the road.  So, the only response is “Well…that person is crazy”…that again is just not fair, and it is not accurate.  It is hurtful.

So, I encourage you today to embrace our visionary leaders and to seek the truth…not just a sliver of truth but the full truth.  If you listen to the media and to the bits and pieces being slung around like wet mud enough, you will never get the full story.  Do your own research, get the facts straight and become fully informed before heading to the polls in November.


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Should the President of the United States Be Held to Higher Standards than the General Population?

speaking at CPAC in Washington D.C. on Februar...

Over the past few months, we have all been hearing stories of sexual harassment, adultery and lying by a few of the Republican Candidates for President of the United States.  This all brings up the question:  Should the President of the United Stated be held to higher standards than the general population?

My feeling is an absolute YES!  While the President is a human being, he or she has powers that the general population does not have.  Our President can send troops into battle, can make the call to push a button to send a nuclear bomb and can veto any bill that lands on his desk.

The latest allegations regarding Herman Cain reportedly having a 13 year affair with a woman has everyone asking this question.  Cain’s lawyer a experienced divorce attorney suggested that the personal life of a Presidential candidate should not have an impact on electability.  The situation is this:  If Herman Cain is guilty of the allegations of sexual harassment and having an extramarital affair are true, then he told a bold face lie to the public. 

If someone will lie during a campaign, he will lie as our President.   I am not saying that Cain lied or that the allegations are true, but I do know this:  More often than not, when there’s smoke, there’s fire, so something odd is going on here.  And, with the Drug Charges Defense Lawyer in Las Vegas, the truth will come out.

I have adult children who are of the age that they could be drafted into war if required, and as the President of the United States, this position also gives the person at the helm the title of Commander in Chief.  When elected, I want our President to be able to be trusted, and if my children are drafted, I want to know that this decision came from someone who is capable of being trusted…I want to feel secure in that decision.  While the public these days is very forgiving, we never forget, and if trust is an issue, it will be very difficult for a man or woman to lead our people…into war, out of a horrible economy and into diplomatic relationships with other countries.

For Herman Cain’s sake and the sake of his family, I do hope these allegations are false.  Having said that, I do feel that we are at a critical turning point in history, and the person we elect needs a record that is as close to squeaky clean as possible.  We need someone who is rock solid, has a strong business and economic background, who knows foreign policy and who can make tough calls when they need to.

Would love to hear you weigh in on this question:

Should the President of the United Stated be held to higher standards than the general population?

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NEW VIDEOS: Is The Media Ignoring Ron Paul? Piers Morgan and Jon Stewart Weigh In

Ron Paul, member of the United States House of...

Image via Wikipedia

I have to admit that I am a bit biased on the subject of Congressman Ron Paul, as my daughter Ann is working on his Presidential campaign. I honestly did not know much about Paul until this past year, and the more I listen to him, the more sense he seems to make. He believes in getting back to what our founding fathers wanted in the first place…liberty and freedom.

But, I just have to put this out on my blog today, as it has been so blatantly apparent that the media is just totally ignoring Ron Paul in this campaign. He almost tied Michelle Bachmann in the Iowa Caucus, yet everyone is just ignoring this…as if Dr. Paul does not exist. There is all sorts of talk about Bachmann and Perry and a lot of coverage on Pawlenty pulling out of the race, yet very few people are saying much about Ron Paul. It makes me wonder (based on the below interview) if the media might be afraid to bring Paul into the spotlight, because gosh…he might just be the person who could help turn our situation around. Last night, Piers Morgan interviewed Paul and was quite direct in asking the long term Congressman why no one is talking about him? Watch this video of the interview:

And, here you have the outcome of the Iowa Caucus:









Now…watch how Jon Stewart sums all up. Really right on point and very funny!~

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Why Ron Paul should be President of the United States in 2012 by Ann Fields

I don’t know if you have noticed, but the U.S. economy is failing and the two-party system in America has become a mere battleground for politicians. Candidates may enter the presidency with good intentions toward the American people, but they are often sucked into the “machine” that is Washington D.C.–they succumb to bribery by special interest groups and make decisions based on their strategy for re-election. In other words, popularity of the politican has become more important than the well-being of the people. Ron Paul defies this system. Because of this, he has been viewed as crazy and extremist by many. But in reality, he is honest, humble, principled, and provides real solutions. It seems that our country has gotten so off track that the virtues upon which our nation was founded, are now viewed as extreme. These are just a few of the reasons that Ron Paul should be president in 2012:

Ron Paul believes in freedom. Ron Paul understands the value of freedom, by which the great nation of the United States was founded. Liberty is essential for human dignity, for the freedom of expression that gives power to the people and not the government, and for human creativity and innovation.

Ron Paul is honest. He is not afraid to speak the truth, even if it means upsetting the delicate egos of other politicians. Watch him in the 2008 Presidential Debate


Ron Paul understands economics.  He predicted the recession. He is not afraid to acknowledge the unsustainable debt of our country, and that we cannot spend money we don’t have. These are ugly truths that we need to take responsibility for before it’s too late.

He follows the Constitution.  The Constitution drafted the best government that has ever existed, with a checks and balances system meant to limit the power of the federal government. This document has been repeatedly ignored by federal officials.

He is a Republican against war. Ron Paul understands the military-industrial complex– the perpetual cycle of overseas wars and imperialism that has depleted our budget, caused enemies abroad, and resulted in tremendous casualties.

There is a vast movement behind Dr.Paul. He was the winner of the straw poll at the last two conservative political action conferences. This should be an indication of the growing sentiment in favor of Dr. Paul and his platform. However, the media continues to portray him in a negative light. Please take the time to learn more about Ron Paul, as he is the best hope for our country.


Daily Paul
Young Americans for Liberty
Campaign for Liberty
Liberty Pac

If this post has inspired you and if you believe in Dr. Paul as I do, I encourage you to contribute to his quest to run for President of the United States in 2010 by donating to Liberty Pac.  This will determine whether or not Ron Paul will run for president…and every contribution, no matter how small or large, will help.

About the Author: Ann Fields is a graduate of Duke University and recently finished an internship with the Young Americans for Libery in Washington, DC.  She holds a B.A. in Public Policy and has served on the staff of the FCC in our nation’s capital and as a representative of the Duke Engage Program in Costa Rica.

A note from Bea Fields: Ann Fields is my daughter.  I must admit that I knew very little about Dr. Ron Paul prior to August of 2010, and my eyes have been opened to the wisdom, strength and commitment of this leader.  He is a smart man of integrity and passion.   As a result, I have financially donated to his campaign, and I wish him the best in his quest for the presidency.  The one quote which comes to my mind when I now think of Dr. Paul is one that many of us know:

The preservation of the sacred fire of liberty and the destiny of the republican model of government are justly considered…staked on the experiment entrusted to the hands of the American people.
~George Washington

Thank you, Ann and to all of the young (and older) Americans who are invested in insuring that we all preserve the sacred fire of liberty.

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What Can YOU Do to Make America a Better Place?

My husband, Mike and I, had the honor to host Janine Elias on her God Bless America Tour this past summer.  Janine is on a quest to do everything she can to get people on a local level to first start a dialogue about what we can do to make our local communities stronger and get back to the true values our founding fathers set forth for this great country.  Secondly, Janine is encouraging people to act….take a step to make America stronger, better and move ourselves back to a country that is respected and regarded as one of the best in the world.  Great movement for leadership coaching on a global scale.

Janine interviewed about 12 people in Southern Pines, North Carolina (my hometown).  Here is the interview with me:

You can read the entire post about her interview with me on this link.

Also, Janine is going to be moving forward with additional interviews and research on this topic, and I have encouraged her to look for angel investors.  So, if you are an angel investor or know of anyone who would be interested in a project like this one (so needed right now) contact Janine today.

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Who’s Leading Who In the White House?

"obamas dog bo"

Is Bo Running the White House? I Mean He Has His Own Blog!

For years, we have heard rumors (only rumors) that Vice President Dick Cheney MAY have pulled a few of President Bush’s strings, making decisions right and left for our country.  Now, we are hearing that Rham Emanual’s quest for the Mayorship of Chicago may be a good thing…that some feel he is too hard hitting, called too many shots.  I’m not there…I don’t know!  I only can go on what I hear, watch and read in the media (which can get anyone in trouble).  But, it makes for interesting blog posts.

But the most telling information I have heard is from Cesar Milan (AKA The Dog Whisperer).  During an interview last night on the Joy Behar Show, Milan pointed out that the majority of past Presidents have allowed their dogs to “lead the pack” and that this is a big No! No! in the world of pet owners…that letting a dog lead YOU sends the message that they are in charge.  Well maybe they are!

I know I am also a violator of this.  I have been working with my dog Rosie to be more of a follower than “pulling me” on our walks.  I don’t know how many times people have asked me “Who’s walking who?”  Well, that is a great question!

This all leads me to truly wonder who has REALLY been running things at the White House.  Maybe President Bush  was being advised by  Barney (who has his own website,  was known for snapping at the press and not wanting to get on the helicopter…I don’t blame him..Go Barney!)  And now, it looks like the Obama’s are having a bit of a time with Bo (who has his own blog…oh, of course, this is a young Boomer/Gen X/Gen Y hybrid family, so Bo has to be on the social networks). It just makes me wonder if the dogs are pulling our presidents along who else is doing the dragging?

Watch as The Dog Whisperer explains the situation:

The 7 Warning Signs You Are Dealing With a Destructive Confidant

Michael Jackson, Heath Ledger, Anna Nicole Smith, Marilyn Monroe, Judy Garland.

I am sure by now that you all see the repeating patterns in the lives of these men and women.  Each died as a result of prescription drug use, and this all leads to the ever pressing question of “Who was enabling the behavior to an extreme so great that the end result was death?”

I want to say first that the responsibility does rest with Jackson, Ledger, Smith, Monroe and Garland.  If you are unwilling to do the work to stop an addiction, then of course, you are ultimately responsible.

But, as we all know, when an addiction is present, there are also enablers.  In the case of these celebrities, there were multiple doctors involved, and in the case of Jackson, it seems to me that a doctor (or doctors) were not only enabling but were actually living in the home with him.  I am sitting here today scratching my head thinking “If AEG reported that Jackson was in such great health, why in the world did he need a live in doctor?…AND…why did it take 3 days for the authorities to find Dr.Murray?”

Police and federal agents Wednesday raided  offices of Michael Jackson’s personal doctor Conrad Murray, in a search for medical records they believed would constitute evidence of manslaughter, so now the case is going to break wide open, and my hunch is that since Ledger and Smith died so recently, there will be a full out investigation of these celebrity doctors who are peddling prescription drugs. While detoxification from Percocet is rarely life-threatening, it is difficult to go through alone, read about percocet withdrawals here. Failure rates grow higher and higher if addicts don’t access help through medications and counseling. While addicts and their families may know they need help for addiction, they may be at a loss to determine where they should access help. A family physician’s office may be a good place to start. If the addict obtained Percocet through the doctor’s office, the doctor will know why the drug was prescribed and how often the prescription was refilled.

This whole situation has just brought to my mind that this situation happens everywhere…not necessarily with prescription drugs but through what I call “destructive confidants”…people who exhibit behaviors which protect, shield and “enable” leaders and can cause destruction not only to the leader but the family and the companies they serve.

Today, I want to leave you with 7 warning signs that the leader in your company or small business may be taking advice from a destructive confidant:

1) The leader is becoming more and more isolated, spending the bulk of his time with the confidant.

2) The leader no longer takes advice from people who have their head on straight.  They are only taking advice from the confidant.

3) The leader is totally unaware of decisions being made around him.  The confidant is shielding her from bad news…only good news is allowed.

4) The leader begins to bring in “yes men and women”…people who only say “yes” to the leader at each and every turn.

5) You have a feeling the confidant is in the relationship only to gain more power for himself (if you notice a confidant gaining power and then moving on to the next “powerful relationship”, this is a red flag indeed.)

6) The leader seems to become more and more reliant on the confidant.  She cannot seem to make a decision without clearing it first with the confidant, is calling the confidant in the middle of the night and always seems to have the confidant around.

7) You get the sense that the confidant is lying to others and cheating to “beat the system” and to gain more power.

If you are someone in an organization, and you notice any of the above signs, it’s time to take action.  If you have a Board of Directors, the Chairman of the Board needs to be alerted (if he/she does not already know it,) and swift action needs to take place to address the situation.   If you believe that there is a psychological situation at hand, contact your Human Resources adviser or director in confidence to discuss the proper steps to take to address the issue.  While this is a challenging situation, it is certainly one that someone needs to address sooner rather than later.

ROADMAP TO SUCCESS: America’s Top Intellectual Minds Map Out Successful Business Strategies

America’s Top Intellectual Minds Map Out Successful Business Strategies

Over the last year, I have had the honor and pleasure to join 15 of America’s top leaders, including Ken Blanchard and Stephen Covey to bring you a book jam-packed with cutting edge business strategies from people who value success just as much as you do.

If you have achieved success or if you are still on your road to success, Roadmap to Success is an investment in your future and in your most valuable asset: YOU!

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If you are outside of the USA or Canada and if you are a current client of Bea Fields Companies, please contact me directly to inquire about purchasing a copy.  You can expect the shipping cost to run from $10-$15 if you live outside of North America, and I will need to send you a price for shipping for your given location.


* Stephen Covey
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A Sample of Chapter Titles

* Soulmap – The Secret to Success for Women
* A Values-Based Approach
* Mastering Influence and Communication
* Attitude is Everything
* The Power of Influence in Negotiation
* Family-First is Not for Wimps
* Managing and Leading the Generation Y Workforce
* Networking Like a Pro
* Breakthrough to Unlimited Success
* Create Your Own Leadership Roadmap
* Intentional Success

And much, much more!

USA Residents: Pick up your copy of Roadmap to Success Today

Residents of Canada: Pick up your copy of Roadmap to Success Today


What will Clinton Do?

Yes, I know…every pundit, supporter and eager Clinton fan wants to know the answer to this question.

First of all, I concur with Corey’s post from June 6 on Senator Clinton carving her own path. Here, here! I also believe that there is a place for her in our political system. Senator Clinton is sharp, and the area where I believe she has the most passion and knowledge is on the topic of healthcare. While I am not convinced that an Obama/Clinton ticket is a wise move, I do believe that if elected, Senator Obama will be thinking about where and how Clinton can best serve our country. In my opinion, a position such as Secretary of Health would be a great fit (but of course, this is just according to the world of Bea.)

I have watched Clinton speak on a variety of debates and interviews and speeches over the last 16 months, but I have to say that watching her yesterday was a joy for me. I finally felt like I liked her. I don’t know why, but she seemed to be putting her energy and strength behind the democrats…a smart move indeed. And, I do wish her well and believe that she should indeed be in a leadership role for the United States. She’s got spunk and stickability, and we need that!