January 23, 2021

Y Talk Interview with Ryan Paugh of BrazenCareerist.com

Listen in below to this great Y-Talk interview with Ryan Paugh, one of the founders of BrazenCareerist.com.

Ryan Paugh graduated from Penn State University in 2006 with a Bachelor’s in Journalism. He joined Merck & Co, Inc. in the corporate communications field, where he became interested in workplace issues facing Generation Y. He also took an interest in how social media can impact the way we approach our careers. He founded Employee Evolution with Ryan Healy, where he found an outlet for his curiosities.

Paugh currently lives in Madison, WI and is a co-founder of Brazen Careerist, Inc. His passion is making Brazen Careerist into a community for young professionals to make their voices heard.

Paugh has been featured in The Wall Street Journal and The Associated Press. He speaks to companies, organizations and students about issues affecting Generation Y and how to leverage social media to better your personal and professional lives.

During this interview, we discuss how to use social media to build a business and online network. Great stuff!

If you are between the ages of 20-29 and if you have something to say and blog about and would be interested in learning more about how to get involved in BrazenCareerist.com, just head on over to the site today to sign up!.

Y Talk Interview with Menachem Wecker

I had the honor of interviewing Menahcem Wecker last night. Menachem is the Assistant Director of Public Affairs for Publications and Media of International Affairs, The George Washington University. Listen in to this discussion on the topic of the convergence of religion and art. So fascinating! To learn more about Menachem and his work, visit his blog: http://iconia.canonist.com/.

Y Talk Interview with Greg Varnum, Acting Executive Director of the National Youth Advocacy Coalition

I had the pleasure to interview Greg Varnum tonight on Y Talk Radio. Greg is 25 years old and is the Acting Executive Director for the National Youth Advocacy Coalition. NYAC is the national LGBT organization working with both youth and organizations to maximize the talents that young people have and to help them develop their talents for the future..

Jacci Schiff Gets the Pulse on Gen Y and the Econom

Jacci Schiff is an amazing Gen Y leader.  She hit the streets two weeks ago in Washington D.C. for Y Talk Radio to ask a few Gen Y’s about their views on the state of the economy.  Really insightful interview. Download the interview here.

Jacci is a pro with interview style podcasts and pulled this great snippet together in less than a week.  So, check out what she is up to.   And…if you are interested in having a professionally done audio interview like this one, contact Jacci through the  Schiff Report.

The podcast below includes the above linked interview and a few other thoughts from Jacci about Gen Y and the state of the economy from a recent interview on Y Talk.  Thanks Jacci for all you are doing!.

Marketing to Generation Y Audio

I was interviewed yesterday by Tarsha Polk, The Marketing Lady, of Let’s Talk Success on Blog Talk Radio on the topic of Marketing to Generation Y.

Interview with Sumaya Kazi, Founder of The Cultural Connect

Listen in (audio link is at the end of this post) as I interview Sumaya Kazi (what an amazing young woman…such a leader, and so humble and bright!), Founder and Executive Director of The Cultural Connect. I encourage you to check out this project, and sign up for one, two, three (or all) of their weekly e-magazines (really great information).


Sumaya, 25, serves as the Executive Director and Editor-in-Chief at The CulturalConnect. She has been recognized by BusinessWeek Magazine as one of America’s ‘Top 10 Entrepreneurs Under 25’, CNN as a ‘Young Person Who Rocks’, and has also been recognized as a 2007 Who’s Who of Global Emerging Leaders. She frequently keynotes at Universities and business conferences across the U.S. on topics of entrepreneurship, community-building and bridging the non-profit community with other industries.

In her spare time, Sumaya works full-time as a Marketing Manager for the Global Communications Group at Sun Microsystems, the youngest in her division. Additionally, she serves as a high school entrepreneur adviser and mentor for BUILD, a social venture that empowers under-resourced students to excel in education and succeed professionally.

Her interests include connecting young professionals with each other, traveling, technology and International human rights.

Sumaya graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with a degree in Marketing & Strategic Planning. She is a Bangladeshi-American residing in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Contact her at sumaya@theculturalconnect.com..

Audio Interview with Misti Burmeister: Author of From Boomers to Bloggers

Listen in to this great interview I held last night with Misti Burmeister. Misti is the CEO of Inspirion, Inc. and is one of America’s top generational experts (and she’s only 29). She is the author of the new book From Boomers to Bloggers: Succcess Strategies Across Generations (a really great read). Misti is featured in Chapter of 19 of Millennial Leaders.

Listen to the interview here:


Y -Talk Radio Interview with Gen Y Executive Coaches Bea Fields, Beth Bloomfield and Carol Graser

Political leaders want their votes. Businesses want their disposable income. Organizations want their talent. Generation Y represents over 72 million influencers, and they are a powerful force to be reckoned with. During this interview, published author and corporate writer, Sara Thomas, interviews executive coaches Carol Graser, Beth Bloomfield and Bea Fields about some of the most pressing questions companies are facing about how to best develop The Millennials into future leaders.

For more about host Sara Thomas, visit her blog at SarahThomas.com.

Listen to the audio here:.

Y-Talk Radio Interview with Margaret Regan, Found of the FutureWork Institute

Would you like to know how our business and corporate landscape will be shifting in the next 5-10 years as young talent (Gen X and Gen Y) moves into the workforce and into key leadership positions? If so, you don’t want to miss this call with Margaret Regan, Founder of the FutureWork Institute , shares her insights from a gobal study her company is conducting on workforce trends, diversity, talent shortages and generational values. Led by Y-Talk host, Bea Fields  and Guest Co-Hosts Beth Bloomfield and Carol Graser of Next Gen Leaders..

Y-Talk Radio Interview with Michael Gerber, Author of The E-Myth Books

Generation Y is one of the most entrepreneurial generations in history, and their adventurous spirit is a force to be reckoned with. Listen in to this special Y-Talk interview with host Bea Fields and Guest Host, Corey Blake as we interview E-Myth Guru, Michael Gerber, founder of In the Dreaming Room. Gerber is the author of The E-Myth Books and the upcoming book Awakening the Entrepreneur Within. During this call, we explore how to support the young entrepreneur, ages 18-30, in transforming their lives and businesses in a radically creative and strategic way.