June 25, 2019

Threadless: The Most Innovative Small Company in America by Inc. Mag

Threadless is on the cover of Inc. for June 2008 as being the most innovative small company in America.  The t-shirt company generates ideas for their clothing via design contests on the web…such a great Gen Y approach.  The company is a great example of using online social networks to drive innovation.  Congrats guys!.

Why Gen Y is Going to Change the Web by Sarah Perez

Great post by Sarah Perez.  She really nails it.  And…as I said on my comment back…Gen Y wants what we all want.    The difference is that Gen Y is the first generation to have the guts to stand up and say what they want (to live more and work less, to be choosy about who they listen to)  and how they want to live life, and this will change the web and the way we live and work.  The rest of us just sit around and sulk because we don’t get what we want, because we are afraid to ask for it.  So…more power to Gen Y!.

Only Real People Can Hope to Market to Gen Y by Greg Rollett

We have been saying that Gen Y buys based on what their friends tell them to do. Greg Rollett, one of the bloggers for BrazenCareerist.com spells this out nicely in this post.



Person Greg Rollett

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Is Dove’s Real Beauty Campaign Real?

“Dove’s “real beauties” may not be so real after all, people use beauty creams and other products to maintain beauty, but maybe Dove is not that good at it appear to be, at least by the account of a renowned airbrush artist.”

In fact, breast size after shedding pounds can help them to increase breast size naturally and quickly, such as taking breast enhancement pills or creams.

Read the full article here .

Jones Soda Provides Quirky Insight Into Attracting Gen Y

Here is my take on how Jones Soda can teach us a few things about how to attract millennials:

Jones Soda Provides Quirky Insight Into Attracting Gen Y

From my blog on ERE.net.

Great White Paper by Mr. Youth Outlines the Five Rules to Engage the Gen Y Consumer

I had a very nice e-mail today from Briel Zagarow. He is the Communications Manager for Mr. Youth, and he passed along a link to a great white paper that every marketer needs to know about.

The white paper, titled Consumer 2.0, discusses the effects technology and other marketing advances have had on consumer behavior, the youth market in particular. The white paper outlines Five Rules to Engage a New Breed of Consumer. So check it out!
Thank-you Briel…this is great stuff!

Interested in learning more about how to market to Generation Y?  Check out Bea Fields’ articles or contact her today to speak to your company or upcoming event:

Marketing to Generation Y: What You Can’t Afford Not to Know

10 Surefire Strategies for Marketing to Generation Y

Listen to Bea Fields interviewed on the topic of Marketing to Gen Y .

Is college necessary or is experience enough?

This is a very thought provoking article by Tamara J. Erickson. I have mentioned a few posts on HBR by Erickson.

Many of us are asking this question these days. I have three kids in college. My twins will be Juniors this fall, and my son is a sophomore. While I still think a college degree gets you in the door at an early age, I am not convinced it is what makes you successful. There are so many skills not being taught in our education system today (or if they are, they are elective courses), such as public speaking, how to network effectively, how to market yourself or your business, how to write a great article, how to save and invest money, and the list goes on.

I want to say that I believe that college is well designed for some people but not for everyone. It is a big world out there, and the street smarts quite often outweigh the book smarts..

Social Networking Rocks the Political Election

Networking the Vote.

The article goes into detail about the use of social networking sites and cell phones to garner support from Gen Y in the election and also for future marketing and recruiting efforts. I’ll be curious to see how this affects the Millennials desire to get out and vote..

Want to Know How to Market to Gen Y? Check out Mr. Youth

I have e-mails and phone calls weekly from people asking me what they need to do to effectively market to Generation Y. The best advice I have is this: Check out Mr. Youth and do what they do! (or hire them to do it for you!).

McDonald’s Gets Quite Clever

I have to admit that I am impressed with a few of the clever ads McDonald’s has been using recently to get with the times. To me, these ads seem to be targeting Millennials.

They have a new billboard that invites you to “sort your head out” using a puzzle that challenges you to sort out the model’s head and invites you to purchase their large coffee. As we know, Gen Y loves a challenging experience.

The other two focus on the 24/7 drive-through feature (big for Gen Y) and a clever ad enticing you in the door by letting you know Wi-Fi is now available.

And, finally, they are now offering a singing contest for the restaurant crew and managers.

Now…if we can just get them to cut back on the grease.

Check all out on trendhunter.com. .