December 2, 2021

Don Draper Does Vintage and Sexy In the Season Premiere of Mad Men

I have been waiting all week for the cast of Mad Men to show back up on AMC...all the cigarette smoking, whiskey/vodka drinking at all hours of the day and night, sex talk AND action and of course…the dreamy lead…Don Draper (played by Jon Hamm).

Don Draper presents to Jantzen

And the ad reads "So well built, we can't show you the second floor."

What I found so interesting in this opening season was the pitch that Draper made to Jantzen.  The company was having trouble selling their two piece swim suit, because they want their advertising to stay clean, family oriented and you know…wholesome.  They were in a bit of a dilemma with the new “racy, gritty” bikini ads their competitors were slinging out to the public, so they go to Draper’s new advertising firm (Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce)  for HELP!.  So, what does Don do??? He goes creative and edgy with his ad campaign So well built, we can’t show you the second floor.” (Above) This line was also so perfect because the topic of “not having a second floor” in this new company came up several times during the show this past  Sunday, so a pun was eloquently poured into the plot during this scene.  Brilliant!

As soon as Draper flipped around the new ad, I thought “WOW!”  That’s amazing…so creative, vintage and leaves quite a bit to the imagination.  Of course, the Jantzen decision makers were not so fond of the ad…it was too edgy for their audience, so Don immediately told them with a stab of sarcasm, that the ad was “what they would get from a CREATIVE company”, ordered them out of the office, calling the Jantzen family prudish and not “with the times”.  He then commands his right hand man, Pete Campbell (played by Vincent Kartheiser)  to “get him in a room where he has a chance”.  Finally!  After watching Don for three years, he’s getting ready to play hard ball.  From this point on, I could tell by watching the end of the first show that Don Draper is now on a mission to be the top advertising agency in New York City…will be fun to watch his true self unfold.

Isn’t this what we all want…to get in front of clients and opportunities where we “have a chance”.  You see, Don Draper has many, many talents and many, many secrets.  He is not your ordinary ad guy.  He’s edgy, and he needs to get in front of people who appreciate both him and his work.  So, if you have not watched Mad Men, I highly encourage you to check it out Sunday night at 10/9 Eastern to watch what Don Draper has to unfold.  I think you are going to get a great lesson in the true art of marketing and advertising when the genius inside a man is finally set free.

Go here to get the skinny on Mad Men…lots of great information, and you can watch downloads.  Also, and several movie rental companies like Netflix offer past shows in HD for computer viewing.  I got hooked about a year ago, and I have learned a great deal about creative thinking and making the pitch…and I don’t mean by throwing back a few high balls filled with whiskey before you make a pitch.   Also, the writing and the cast are just unlike anything I have ever seen on television.  So, check it out!  You might just learn a thing or two about family, social and business life in the 60s.

Watch a promo video below…will explain a bit about what’s what and who’s who.