December 2, 2021

Generation Y Bloggers Respond To NYT Article About Blogging Dangers on The Schiff Report

Jacci Schiff solicited some great feedback from a few Gen Y bloggers about the recent New York Times article: In Web World of 24/7 Stress, Writers Blog Till They Drop,

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My take: Using the words “digital-era sweatshop” is a bit over the top to me. Bloggers choose to blog…they are not forced into labor. I read about the 3 incidents of coronary problems related to deaths. There could be a dozen other factors involved (would like to know about their genetic predisposition to heart disease). Having said this, medical research shows that sitting for long periods of time without activity increases a person’s risk for developing blood clots. We can all use breaks from our work that get the blood flowing.

At any rate, great article with lots of food for thought..

Interview with Adam Gilbert on The Schiff Report

Jaclyn Schiff of The Schiff Report has a great interview with Adam Gilbert of My Body Tutor. We interviewed Adam on Y-Talk Radio earlier in January. This interview is a great read regarding Gen Y’s commitment to health and fitness.

It really is fascinating to watch the health and fitness trend with this younger generation. During our college visits over the past three years, the gym and the focus on healthy foods have been big recruitment features on the majority of visits. And…my daughters take advantage of the facilities offered (and I know for a fact that the Whole Foods in Durham gets a lot of Duke traffic, because my daughter and Ann and I talk about the latest, greatest foods she and her friends have discovered there over the last 18 months)..

Y -Talk Radio with Guest Adam Gilbert, Founder of on How to Stay Fit for Life!

Are you sick and tired of making that same old New Year’s resolution to shed 15, 25 or 50 pounds or to “get fit and stay fit”? I know we are, so we’ve called in a young leader we think is one of the top experts in the field of health and fitness…Adam Gilbert, Founder of If you are worried about getting injured on your journey to being healthy, don´t be be, this Sports Injury Doctor is always available for you. Please listen into this inspiring interview as Adam shares the secrets to getting and staying fit and healthy for a lifetime with or without a gym membership. With hosts Roger Dewitt and Bea Fields.

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