October 31, 2020

Gen Y Trevor Immelman Wins The Masters

It was a glorious day yesterday. Trevor Immelman, age 28, walked home with a green jacket on his back.

And here come the young superstars! Congratulations Trevor. You were amazing!

Millennial Leaders


Gen Y At the Top of the Masters Leaderboard

The big day is today…the final round of the Masters Golf Tournament, and guess who’s at the top of the leaderboard? Two Gen Y’s: Trevor Immelman born in December of 1979 (is 28) and Brandt Snedeker, born October of 1980 (is 27).

There are all sorts of thoughts swirling around today about why they are not just in the lead but widening the gap. My take on this is that this is classic Gen Y…unphased by the bravado which usually swirls during the Masters and unaffected by what I call the “Tiger halo” that always comes when T. Woods starts moving to the head of the pack. Snedeker just seems to me like he’s having fun, and Immelman…well…he does not seem to be afraid to go low.

This again is another great example of Gen Y’s belief that they can do it all/be it all. We’ll see it if pays off today.

Good luck to everyone!

Millennial Leaders.

Young Binghamton Entrepreneurs on Award Streak

If you are reading this blog, we encourage you to vote for Arel and Bert. These guys are amazing (and are featured in Millennial Leaders):

Binghamton University Alumni Arel Moodie (24) and Bert Gervais (23) are founders of The Place Finder LLC. An idea spawned from their personal frustrations, the class project for an off-campus housing website, www.placefinder.com, was catapulted into a full-fledge business by winning Binghamton University‘s 2004 Business Plan Competition.

Now the company is in the running to win “best idea” from ideablob.com‘s monthly $10,000 grand-prize competition. Moodie and Gervais are calling for a movement to get votes from the public to win by showing the power of a community. Please go to this link to vote!

Moodie and Gervais began their undergraduate careers as Politic Science and History majors, both looking to enter law school after graduation. Then, while having a difficult time finding off-campus housing, the unlikely entrepreneurs came up with a solution they knew would help other students in the same situation. Fueled by entrepreneurial passion, they decided to switch gears and pursue placefinder.com full time after graduation.

Despite being denied loans by banks because of youth, lack of assets, and inexperience, Moodie and Gervais kept the company afloat through a 4-year winning streak of entrepreneurial contests since 2004. They have used the winnings from these contest to help them fund the growth of placefinder.com.

Why this is relevant:

Now at a critical juncture in their startup where they must sink or win, they are tasked with trying to win a “best idea” competition from www.ideablob.com. Moodie and Gervais plan to use the prize to enhance the website with new features such as a “neighborhood rating system” for college towns and increase marketing. With so many people interested in starting businesses, this is a great story to show creative ways for startups to get funding. To win the competition the duo needs to get the most possible votes between now and March 31st, 2008 voters can to go to placefinder.com and click the vote link on the home page.


“Who ever thinks that you can’t fund a business because of lack of opportunity has not explored all of the options out there. If you can generate genuine exitement about your business idea, then you are well on your way. ”
-Bert Gervais (23) , Male, BU Alumni .

Interview with Sumaya Kazi, Founder of The Cultural Connect

Listen in (audio link is at the end of this post) as I interview Sumaya Kazi (what an amazing young woman…such a leader, and so humble and bright!), Founder and Executive Director of The Cultural Connect. I encourage you to check out this project, and sign up for one, two, three (or all) of their weekly e-magazines (really great information).


Sumaya, 25, serves as the Executive Director and Editor-in-Chief at The CulturalConnect. She has been recognized by BusinessWeek Magazine as one of America’s ‘Top 10 Entrepreneurs Under 25’, CNN as a ‘Young Person Who Rocks’, and has also been recognized as a 2007 Who’s Who of Global Emerging Leaders. She frequently keynotes at Universities and business conferences across the U.S. on topics of entrepreneurship, community-building and bridging the non-profit community with other industries.

In her spare time, Sumaya works full-time as a Marketing Manager for the Global Communications Group at Sun Microsystems, the youngest in her division. Additionally, she serves as a high school entrepreneur adviser and mentor for BUILD, a social venture that empowers under-resourced students to excel in education and succeed professionally.

Her interests include connecting young professionals with each other, traveling, technology and International human rights.

Sumaya graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with a degree in Marketing & Strategic Planning. She is a Bangladeshi-American residing in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Contact her at sumaya@theculturalconnect.com..

Penelope Trunk on Getting Back on Track

I will be the first to admit that I am somewhat of a book junkie…I read every day, and I am totally in love with the one-click settings at Amazon.  I feel such a sense of accoplishment when I click on 2-Day One Click–FREE.  I then get even more of a thrill when the UPS man delivers the book to my front door (and my dogs Max and Rosie love it too…gives them something to do as they try to eat him up).

But…the reality is that most of the books on my bookshelf are  *&^).   I flip through them, and I feel like I’ve read them all before. 

But last summer, I found a book that I will go to my grave with:  Brazen Careerist by Penelope Trunk.  The book came into my life, and I don’t think I’ve been the same since.  Hmmm…maybe I know it’s because I no longer have to try to give my kids career advice (try is the operative word here, because I am the worst on career advice, and I certainly don’t try to give career advice to age 20-somethings or even 30-somethings).

It dawned on me in the middle of reading this book (fabulous!  fun to read!  smart!) that I now had someone who was practical, wise and down to earth (and young) who was providing daily advice to young careerists and could help my kids (who stay in their heads a LOT) with making decisions about their careers.   Ann is a sophomore at Duke U. Katie is at Wofford College and Jack will be attending the University of North Carolina this fall (but he is already saying he is majoring in golf and girls, so I don’t know how much Jack will be into the whole career advice thing, but he may surprise me).  They don’t know Penelope (and I don’t really know her…I interviewed her one day, and we have exchanged e-mails), but Ann and Katie are now reading her blog regularly (and of course you all know that I read it too), and we are discussing what she has to say (and we all agree that  her ideas about career, biz and life are spot on…Ann and Katie are both very practical, hard working and down to earth, so her views line up with my daughters’ perspectives).   And, as we all know, Gen Y does not listen to Baby Boomers, especially when they are their parents.

Penelope and a group of young professionals opened the BrazenCareerist.com site last week, and Penelope blogged today about how she got back on track after a few days away from her blog.   I forwarded this post on to Ann and Katie this afternoon…just in case they missed it. 

Now, becaus of the BrazenCareerist site,  my daughters (and my network, because I have told everyone about it) have been introduced to a host of young career/biz advisors…such great stuff.  And, as someone who is committed to making sure that young emerging leaders have access to the most current information possible, I want to thank Penelope for taking the week off to get this site up and running.  It’s really great stuff and is already having a positive impact on the young careerists in my life..

And Here Comes Texas: Prarie View A & M (Texas) Gen Y’s Shut Down Highway as They March 7 Miles to Vote on First Day of Early Voting in Texas

So…here comes Gen Y…just a taste of what they can do.  Very inspiring…reminds me of their parents in the 60s.


Check out the comments on Rural Votes blog

Millennial Leaders.

Millennial Leaders Mentioned in Employee Evolution

Jaclyn Schiff is a journalist based in Washington, D.C. She is a full-time writer for a Web site that focuses on global health issues. She has published articles (often about issues of interest to Gen. Y) in a variety of print and online publications.  She recently mentioned our work in her Employee Evolution News.

Millennial Leaders.

Gen Y In the News: Ryan Allis, CEO of iContact Featured in the Raleigh News and Observer

Ryan Allis is one of those young entrepreneurs who at age 14 was busy building a web design company while his peers were trying to figure out how to date the hottest girl on their middle school or high school campus.

He is only 23, and he is building a mega company iContact. A great article appeared about Ryan today in the Raleigh News and Observer: CEO, 23 shares tips on start ups

We will be featuring Ryan on Y-Talk Radio on February 23 at 7:00 p.m. Eastern. You don’t want to miss this call!

He also has a new book coming out…Zero to One Million: How I Built My Company to $1 Million in Sales . . . and How You Can, Too

So…make sure to mark your calendar for Feb. 20 at 7:00 p.m. Eastern. .

Smooshi and Phil

As you know, we are always on the look-out for cool Gen Y leaders.

One that has grabbed my attention and warmed my heart is the story of Smooshi and Phil.

Smooshi is a 5-year old female walrus at Marineland in Niagra Falls.  Phil is Phil Demers, age 29, who is her trainer. 

At 18 months of age, Smooshi bonded to Phil as if he was her mother.  The two have made the news, and the story is really incredible and is baffling to animal behaviorists.

To get a dose of inspiration, visit the 2 on MySpace:


The Millenials Are Coming

Great blog entry from Mike Masterson.  Mike is a top sales director for IBM and is also a great coach!  So here you go:

Check it out – What do you think? The Millenials Are Coming… A new generation wave is coming

By Mike Masterson

Here’s my opinion

I think there are a variety of dynamics at play here which will make it a lively topic for a long time. As you know – the attitudes towards the Gen Y profile comes from many lenses and causes – contribution from corporate america, from parents, media, society, economic, and from the influence of the peer groups from all generations – most importantly from each own. And in each perspective we sit – it truly depends on what the Gen Y individual learned in their own cycle of influence.

Read the full post here..