December 2, 2021

Great White Paper by Mr. Youth Outlines the Five Rules to Engage the Gen Y Consumer

I had a very nice e-mail today from Briel Zagarow. He is the Communications Manager for Mr. Youth, and he passed along a link to a great white paper that every marketer needs to know about.

The white paper, titled Consumer 2.0, discusses the effects technology and other marketing advances have had on consumer behavior, the youth market in particular. The white paper outlines Five Rules to Engage a New Breed of Consumer. So check it out!
Thank-you Briel…this is great stuff!

Interested in learning more about how to market to Generation Y?  Check out Bea Fields’ articles or contact her today to speak to your company or upcoming event:

Marketing to Generation Y: What You Can’t Afford Not to Know

10 Surefire Strategies for Marketing to Generation Y

Listen to Bea Fields interviewed on the topic of Marketing to Gen Y .

The Big Issues for Young Voters by Anya Kamenetz

Anya Kamenetz has a great post today on Yahoo Finance about the issues facing young voters. A big concern? The economy.

Several more senior leaders have been telling me that Gen Y does not seem concerned about the economy, but this is not what I am hearing, and Kamenetz’s opinion is more in line with what I am hearing..

Audio Interview with Misti Burmeister: Author of From Boomers to Bloggers

Listen in to this great interview I held last night with Misti Burmeister. Misti is the CEO of Inspirion, Inc. and is one of America’s top generational experts (and she’s only 29). She is the author of the new book From Boomers to Bloggers: Succcess Strategies Across Generations (a really great read). Misti is featured in Chapter of 19 of Millennial Leaders.

Listen to the interview here:


Y -Talk Radio Interview with Gen Y Executive Coaches Bea Fields, Beth Bloomfield and Carol Graser

Political leaders want their votes. Businesses want their disposable income. Organizations want their talent. Generation Y represents over 72 million influencers, and they are a powerful force to be reckoned with. During this interview, published author and corporate writer, Sara Thomas, interviews executive coaches Carol Graser, Beth Bloomfield and Bea Fields about some of the most pressing questions companies are facing about how to best develop The Millennials into future leaders.

For more about host Sara Thomas, visit her blog at

Listen to the audio here:.

Intuit Study: Next-Gen Artisans Fuel New Entrepreneurial Economy on

10-year Forecast With the Institute for the Future Shows Entrepreneurs Poised to Thrive in any Industry, Anywhere

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Artisans, historically defined as skilled craftsmen who fashioned goods by hand, will re-emerge as an influential force in the coming decade. These next-gen artisans will craft their goods and shape the economy – through upswings and downturns – with an effect reaching far beyond their neighborhoods, or even their nations. They’ll work differently than their medieval counterparts, combining brain with brawn as advances in technology and the reaches of globalization give them greater opportunities to succeed.   Read the full press release here..

Profile of Gen Y job by Tamara J. Erickson

I want to continue the blog entry started by Scott on the Profile of Gen Y job article by Tamara J. Erickson.

What we are seeing is that Gen Y has a different definition of “work ethic”.  Baby Boomers seem to define work ethic as giving 60-70 hours per week, rushing from here to there in order to have the world see how much they are doing.  I am a Baby Boomer, and I know this mentality (I live this mentality).

Gen Y, however, is different (remember…they have different world views from any previous generation).  They not only have the knowledge and the tech skills to get the job done more efficiently and effectively, they have the network to pull off a task in a matter of 30 minutes as opposed to two hours by a solo worker working as a “lone ranger”.

I have had people ask me if Baby Boomers are upset with Gen Y’s view of work, because they also really crave less work hours and  more free time.  There might be something to this notion, but let me just put this into perspective on how I see the different generations and how they view work:

1) Traditionalists:  Traditionalists were affected by the Great Depression.  Work meant work…you worked to earn a living, save and invest.  If you left a job, there was a stigma attached to it (Oh…Henry must have been fired).  They were highly respectful of authority, and created a hierarchical structure to the leadership in organizations (so…everyone worked hard to climb to the top).

2) Baby Boomers:  Baby Boomers fall in that category of working 60 hours a week at a corporate job so that they can “keep up with the Joneses”.  To change jobs is a waste of time, and in order to do a great job, it means that you must hold a LOT of meetings and work week-ends if necessary.  Boomers love Mondays…because it means they get the chance to get back in there and work, work, work really hard (and many ended up being affected by the downsizing of corporate America in exchange for that hard work).

3) Generation X:  Gen X grew up being fiercely independent.  As latch-key kids, they began to depend on themselves and their friends for support, and many began dabbling with tech start ups during the Dot Com boom.  The Dot Com bust happened, and many went back into full time work, yet they had a few new demands, including flex hours, telecommuting and being able to move to different divisions in the company and spend time with their friends. Gen X really worked in order “to live”, and they don’t like close supervision.  So, meetings which made no sense and managers telling them how to work and what to do were met with quite a bit of resistance.

4) Then came Gen Y.  Okay…think about this…Gen Y has watched all of the above.  They watched their grandparents (traditionalists) in coat and tie, watched their Baby Boomer parents work 60 hours a week just to get laid off or fired and watched their older siblings (Gen X) start to ask for things like flex hours and movement.  So…this is an evolution of generations and how they view work.   Gen Y’s mantra is “Live First, Work Second”,  and they know how to use technology, online social networking, and the massive amounts of knowledge they have to multi-task and do it well!  They see work as something they do between the times they live or see their friends or do something fun.   So, they are changing the way we work and live…living first, working second…isn’t this what we all want?

I want to close by saying that I really believe that Gen Y is going to change the way we all work, and again…I think this is an evolutionary process in our world.  Sure…there will always be Generation Y adults who work hard, but they are putting their foot down and saying “We want to live in a different way!”.  If we can get the job done (and done well without the quality of the end product or service suffering), then why not do it in half the time?  What’s the purpose in the 60 hour work week?  If you enjoy working 60 hours…great!  I congratulate you.  However, be very careful about speaking about Gen Y as if they don’t have a strong work ethic.  They just have a much different way of moving about work, and their priorities are  in a bit of a different order right now, and this is all subject to change..

The Boomers Had Their Day. Make Way for the Millennials in the Washington Post

Great article in the Washington Post today:

The Boomers Had Their Day. Make Way for the Millennials.

Y-Talk Radio Interview with Margaret Regan, Found of the FutureWork Institute

Would you like to know how our business and corporate landscape will be shifting in the next 5-10 years as young talent (Gen X and Gen Y) moves into the workforce and into key leadership positions? If so, you don’t want to miss this call with Margaret Regan, Founder of the FutureWork Institute , shares her insights from a gobal study her company is conducting on workforce trends, diversity, talent shortages and generational values. Led by Y-Talk host, Bea Fields  and Guest Co-Hosts Beth Bloomfield and Carol Graser of Next Gen Leaders..

Adrenalina brings surfing to a mall near you: Miami Herald: January 20, 2008

We have been talking about Gen Y’s affinity for Action Sports.

So, Adrenalina is a company providing  a destination catering to extreme sports enthusiasts of all kinds…latest opening in the Miami International Mall.

Get the full article here.

Gen Y LOVES an experience, and they are big on action sports, so check out what Adrenalina is up to.  From what I am hearing, these shops are not only great for Gen Y but all generations.  Fun!.

Gen Y Seen and Heard In Iowa: Obama and Huckabee Reap the Rewards

As we have been predicting, Generation Y voters (under the age of 30) turned out in droves in Iowa on Thursday Jan. 3 at the Iowa Caucus.  According to the nonpartisan Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement, the voters under age 30 who cast their ballot in Iowa tripled, and many political analysts are saying that this young vote is why Barack Obama and Mike Huckabee won on Thursday.

Obama and Huckabee have both made a very solid effort to reach out to Gen Y.  Huckabee took 37 percent of the younger votes and Obama…a staggering 57%.  As you may know, Obama announced his candidacy on You Tube before making his announcement on live television.  He knows that younger voters use You Tube more often than television, so of course, to capture their attention early and on the first major move using their form of technology was a check mate in my opinion.

I want to talk for just a few minutes about Barack Obama.  I want to state upfront that I am a Moderate, and I am extremely impressed with Obama’s campaign.  From my perspective, his campaign will be one that we  will definitely read about  in history books, and I want to shed light on why I think Obama is appealing to Generation Y and why I think he won in Iowa (of course, only  two candidates in American history who won in Iowa actually won the election…George Herbert Walker Bush  and Jimmy Carter). 

1.  He is embracing technology as a way to reach this growing demographic of voters.

2.  Obama is a younger “outsider” who is promising to bring about radical change.

3.  Obama represents the diversity “melting pot” of our society.  Gen Y is very attracted to diversity, and people who embrace tolerance, and Obama is a walking example of it.

4.  Last summer, Obama chose to skip an AARP event (for which he took some heat) in order to attend a hip-hop event starring Usher (he knows where to go and how to connect with Gen Y).

5.  Obama has a strong presence on college campuses (he has built campaign centers on college campuses to build a grassroots connection).

6.  Obama has a strong presence on Facebook (there are more than 500 groups on Facebook supporting Obama) and over 200,000 friends on MySpace.  He is also present on Flickr, Black Planet, You Tube and Linked In.

7.  Obama actually knocked on the doors of voters under 30, introduced himself, and asked for them to get out and vote (this is quite rare in these days).  His grassroots approach is really amazing.

8.  His website is great…getting younger voters involved:  I signed up for the mailing list just to watch this in action, and the e-mails are really exciting and informative.  You can also visit his online social networking sites on the right sidebar.

So, if you have not learned yet how to reach adults ages 18-30, just watch Obama’s campaign for the next 10 months.  While he is just not going for Gen Y voters, he is doing everything he can to reach them AND get the 72 million of them out to vote.  I heard on CNN last night that Hillary Clinton is changing her approach, going for the younger female voter. I then read this morning in the Associated Press quoting a political professor at Iowa State University, Diane Bystrom, that “the lesson (in Iowa) may be generational. ‘Young women don’t have the same take on Clinton that I do.  They look at Clinton as their grandmother”.

Time will tell what will happen indeed.  My hunch is that if Obama wins the Democratic election, he will do everything he can to get college students voting by absentee and of course to make sure they get out and vote on election day.  He will also be using his online social networks to keep his name in front of people daily (I know he is in front of my eyes daily…and as I said, I am a Moderate…and this man is giving me lots of reasons to consider him as our next President)..