July 10, 2020

Millennial Leaders Mentioned in Employee Evolution

Jaclyn Schiff is a journalist based in Washington, D.C. She is a full-time writer for a Web site that focuses on global health issues. She has published articles (often about issues of interest to Gen. Y) in a variety of print and online publications.  She recently mentioned our work in her Employee Evolution News.

Millennial Leaders.

The World Has Changed and It’s Not Turning Back: DK of http://MediaSnackers.com

“The world has changed, and it’s not turning back.”
~DK of MediaSnackers

The “new media” — Internet, mobile technology, interactive television — has redefined mass communication. While older generations are trying to learn, adapt, and basically keep up with youth in this area, Gen Y’ers are taking to all these formats seamlessly. Blogging, podcasts, and vodcasts (video blogs) are supplanting traditional channels. The speed with which these messages are delivered feeds right into the Gen Y desire for instant gratification.

But with all these advances happening overnight, training in the technology has become a must. MediaSnackers, a UK based company dedicated to helping organizations work with young people to generate new strategies and operations in social media, has risen to the challenge, incorporating the “quick bits” learning and processing style of Gen Y.  The company works with young people to train them to use the new media, as well as instilling a sense of responsibility about the global impact of their efforts.

The company’s founder is as unique as the organization itself. DK — that’s his entire moniker — knows how Gen Y’ers learn, what they expect from technology, and how the new media unleashes their creativity. The colorful UK native works within the gap between the Gen Y’ers, who are embracing this technology at the speed of sound, and their confused managers, who are still stumbling with new media.

We had the privelege last year to interview DK of MediaSnackers for The Gen Y Project (Check out their impressive 2008 pro bono project here). DK has very generously opted to not have his chapter appear in our book but to be given away as a bonus chapter to help each of you in supporting Generation Y in their development in the future.

Download the bonus chapter featuring DK of MediaSnackers here.  This is a great chapter, so thank-you DK!

Listen to the interview with DK for The Gen Y Project:

If you enjoyed this interview with DK, you are going to love the book Millennial Leaders.  Pick up a copy today through Amazon.com. .

Y -Talk Radio Interview with Gen Y Executive Coaches Bea Fields, Beth Bloomfield and Carol Graser

Political leaders want their votes. Businesses want their disposable income. Organizations want their talent. Generation Y represents over 72 million influencers, and they are a powerful force to be reckoned with. During this interview, published author and corporate writer, Sara Thomas, interviews executive coaches Carol Graser, Beth Bloomfield and Bea Fields about some of the most pressing questions companies are facing about how to best develop The Millennials into future leaders.

For more about host Sara Thomas, visit her blog at SarahThomas.com.

Listen to the audio here:.

Intuit Study: Next-Gen Artisans Fuel New Entrepreneurial Economy on BusinessWire.com

10-year Forecast With the Institute for the Future Shows Entrepreneurs Poised to Thrive in any Industry, Anywhere

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Artisans, historically defined as skilled craftsmen who fashioned goods by hand, will re-emerge as an influential force in the coming decade. These next-gen artisans will craft their goods and shape the economy – through upswings and downturns – with an effect reaching far beyond their neighborhoods, or even their nations. They’ll work differently than their medieval counterparts, combining brain with brawn as advances in technology and the reaches of globalization give them greater opportunities to succeed.   Read the full press release here..

Gen Y Insider Bea Fields, author of Millennial Leaders, reveals the 3 hidden secrets to building a relationship with Gen Y in the workplace.

Are you wrestling with your Gen Y employees in your workplace? If so, listen in as Gen Y Insider Bea Fields, author of Millennial Leaders, reveals the 3 hidden secrets to building a relationship with Gen Y in the workplace.


Retaining Younger Workers in the Workplace in Fast Company Magazine

Great article in Fast Company Magazine:

Retaining Younger Workers in the Workplace
By: Cam Marston

You’ve hired them. Now how can you keep them around?
(You may have to join the Fast Company website to get this article, but membership is free, and is worth it…great blogs and great articles always!).

Y-Talk Radio Interview with Margaret Regan, Found of the FutureWork Institute

Would you like to know how our business and corporate landscape will be shifting in the next 5-10 years as young talent (Gen X and Gen Y) moves into the workforce and into key leadership positions? If so, you don’t want to miss this call with Margaret Regan, Founder of the FutureWork Institute , shares her insights from a gobal study her company is conducting on workforce trends, diversity, talent shortages and generational values. Led by Y-Talk host, Bea Fields  and Guest Co-Hosts Beth Bloomfield and Carol Graser of Next Gen Leaders..