December 2, 2021

Why Do Executives Fail? Find Out In The New Edition of The Next Level by Scott Eblin

"Scott Eblins Book The Next Level"

Want to know why most executives fail in about 18 months and what to do about it? If so, just click on this image and pick up 3 copies today!

Scott Eblin is probably one of my favorite executive coaches.  He’s smart, savvy,  talks straight…is no nonsense, successful and he really knows his stuff.  He has been extremely helpful to me AND to many coaches and executives around the world.

So, it gives me great pleasure to tell you today about Scott’s 2nd edition of his groundbreaking book:

The Next Level: What Insiders Know About Executive Success.  Scott’s first edition of The Next Level was a smashing hit, and after looking at a few points in the new book, I cannot wait to dive in and read every page.

In the book, Eblin lays out in spades that the skills and strengths that send careers up the corporate ladder aren’t the same ones that a rising executive will need to survive. Eblin’s research reveals that 40 percent of new leaders don’t last more than 18 months.  So, if you want to know how to beat the odds or help your executive clients beat those awful odds, pick, up a copy of the book so that you can learn the habits and beliefs executives must let go of in order to really make it.

Just a few points the book includes (this does not begin to cover it!):

  • Fresh insights from global executives on what it takes to succeed in a competitive marketplace.
  • Nineteen Coachable Moment sidebars that provide proven context specific coaching tips for improving leadership effectiveness.
  • Data Points that spotlight the vital leadership behaviors that research shows rising leaders and executives must master.
  • An expansion of the popular Situation Solutions Guide appendix to provide tips on how to deal with more of the predictable situations that executives will face in their careers.

So, pick up 3 copies for yourself, one for an executive in your life and one for anyone working with an executive.  We can ALL learn from Scott’s wisdom.

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Lastest Leadership News

“Effective leadership in any business is a continual effort. Some have said it is a journey, not the destination. Your Business Development Examiner has reviewed the top business leadership books on the market today and humbly makes the following recommendations”.

I have flipped through these books, and they do look like they are worth the read.  For those of you who are not a big fan of Sarah Palin, I agree with the reviewer on her book…read Going Rogue if only to find out how she worked with both sides to govern Alaska.  In leadership, it is critical to be able to have the political savvy to be able to work with the opposition. You will be happy in the end that you did.

How the Mighty Fall by Jim Collins: The 5 Warning Stages

If you have not yet had the chancehowthemightyfall to pick up a copy of Jim Collins’ book: How The Mighty Fall, I highly recommend this book.  As always, Collins has researched companies that were once great and studied their decline.  There are 5 stages in the downward spiral, and leaders can learn a great deal by noticing the stages.  As Collins points out, it is much easier to turn a company around in the early stages of the decline.

For an excerpt from the book, visit this link on Business Week online..

Ready to Think BIG? Get Started Today With the Think Big Manifesto

My colleague and friend, Michael Port has been called “an uncommonly honest author” by The Boston Globe. He’s just written his 4th (and by far his best) book The Think Big Manifesto to rally us to come together as a society and think bigger.

I read the book last week, and it is  the most revealing work he’s ever published. I read it in one sitting as I was riding to and from a golf tournament. It’s excellent. His message is challenging, yet compassionate. I was re-inspired to be and lead the kind of change I want to see in the world.

The one thing that struck me when I read the book was this…Not everyone is born with a high IQ or athletic talent or the ability to sing like Pavarotti…but you know what...everyone is born with the ability to think big, but only if you choose to take that journey.  Sometimes, we all just need a thunk on the head like The Think Big Manifesto to get us really stepping up to the plate to make big things happen in the world.

This is a MUST read book for everyone. Check it out today and you’ll score a pile of goodies and free stuff to fill your pockets.

If every person decides to read this book, we will (I’m certain of this) create a better place for ourselves, our children and the world.

Make History Today:  Pick up a copy of the book here:

Here’s what Michael asked me to pass along to you, from him:


Hey, Michael here, calling on all you big thinkers. I’m talking about the biggest, brightest, forward-thinking, still dreaming, hard core intellectual thinking, down-to-earth realistic-being and even the most unconfessed, self-professed and secretive big thinkers (and, that pretty much covers everyone).

The think big revolution is in full swing. There’s no stopping it.

Thousands of revolutionaries are coming together to collaborate, cooperate and combine forces to yes… think bigger about who they are and what they offer the world.

Thinking big is like a secret handshake, only there’s nothing secret about it. There’s no tips, tricks or mystery code to decipher.

Thinking big is about one person at a time experiencing his or her own personal empowerment against an existing, deficient (small thinking) system. It’s about being fully self-expressed in the face of all the forces that conspire to pacify your drive, your hunger to be the most you can be.

Be a part of history. Bring your big thoughts forward. Get your manifesto and road map to navigate these revolutionary times. The Think Big Manifesto is not just my manifesto, it’s our manifesto. It is the manifesto of everyone who is, who will and wants to think big.

Get your copy of The Think Big Manifest:


Michael’s book is brilliant. I know you’ll love it. Pick up at least 4 copies…1 for you and 3 for the 3 closest people in your life. This is a book you’ll be talking about with friends and colleagues tomorrow. I know Michael has a great bunch of bonuses to show his appreciation and incentivize you to buy today. And there are so many more reasons you are going to want to sit down and read The Think Big Manifesto sooner than later.

We can do far more together than we can alone. And that is why it’s an honor to be of service to you and also help my friend Michael Port spread the message that we must think bigger; today, tomorrow and forevermore.

Buy your books for the think big revolution: The Think Big Manifesto:

Think You Can’t Change Your Life (and the World)? Think Again.   Have a great day today, and get out there and THINK BIG! Wishing you much continued success,

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Southern Pines, NC

ROADMAP TO SUCCESS: America’s Top Intellectual Minds Map Out Successful Business Strategies

America’s Top Intellectual Minds Map Out Successful Business Strategies

Over the last year, I have had the honor and pleasure to join 15 of America’s top leaders, including Ken Blanchard and Stephen Covey to bring you a book jam-packed with cutting edge business strategies from people who value success just as much as you do.

If you have achieved success or if you are still on your road to success, Roadmap to Success is an investment in your future and in your most valuable asset: YOU!

Pick up a copy today for the introductory offer of $10.95 (a savings of $9.00). The price does include shipping in the United States.

If you are a resident of Canada, you may purchase the book for $14.95, which does include shipping.  Order here for residents in Canada.

If you are outside of the USA or Canada and if you are a current client of Bea Fields Companies, please contact me directly to inquire about purchasing a copy.  You can expect the shipping cost to run from $10-$15 if you live outside of North America, and I will need to send you a price for shipping for your given location.


* Stephen Covey
* Ken Blanchard
* Bea Fields
* Barbara Boden
* John Santangelo
* Joe Colletti
* Denise Federer
* Carollyne Conlinn
* Sylva Leduc
* Derrick Chevalier
* Joseph Price
* Jim Kwaiser
* David Alexander
* Gabriella Contreras
* Grace V. Contreras
* Susan Ross

A Sample of Chapter Titles

* Soulmap – The Secret to Success for Women
* A Values-Based Approach
* Mastering Influence and Communication
* Attitude is Everything
* The Power of Influence in Negotiation
* Family-First is Not for Wimps
* Managing and Leading the Generation Y Workforce
* Networking Like a Pro
* Breakthrough to Unlimited Success
* Create Your Own Leadership Roadmap
* Intentional Success

And much, much more!

USA Residents: Pick up your copy of Roadmap to Success Today

Residents of Canada: Pick up your copy of Roadmap to Success Today


5 Steps to Great Leadership by Rayona Sharpnack


Y Talk Interview with Alexandra Levitt, author of How’d You Score That Gig?

Alexandra Levit has authored several books, including the popular business world survival guide They Don’t Teach Corporate in College, How’d You Score That Gig?, and Success for Hire.

Alexandra’s career advice is featured monthly in the Huffington Post, and has been showcased in more than 800 media outlets including ABC News, the Associated Press, USA Today, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, National Public Radio, Fortune, Yahoo!, and MSN. Known as one of the premiere career spokespeople of her generation, she regularly speaks at universities and corporations on workplace issues facing young employees.

Great interview on what Gen Y is looking for in work, the leaders they work for and a few of the hot careers for twenty-somethings.

Muckety-Muck, Conniption and Other Great Words

If you are looking for a way to spice up your blog, articles or conversation, I highly recommend picking up a copy of the book L is for Lollygag: Quirky Words for a Clever Tongue by Chronicle Books Staff. The book includes all sorts of great words and phrases (Good Night Nurse, YOWZA and persnickety are a few of my favorites). Really fun!.

No Assholes Allowed

Did I get your attention with the title?

Good. I hope so.

In the book The No Asshole Rule: Building a Civilized Workplace and Surviving One That Isn’t, author Robert Sutton goes into a concise view of the jerks we have in many of our organizations around the country. He discusses corporate bullying, manipulation and control and gives some great advice on how to stop it. The sad thing is that in reading his book, I know a few people just like this, and I get e-mails occasionally from a few who I would never want to work with. It makes me sweat just thinking about it.

This post is one of the most important you are going to read this week. In light of what happened recently in Florida with a few teen girls beating up another girl (who by the way had been bullied and beat up by these girls for months), I have to take a stand and tell you this “Stop taking orders or working for/with a bully!” If we don’t stop it now, this is going to continue forever, and these corporate bullies are the people who are teaching our teens to go beat the s— out of another teen. I am so fired up about this story…it makes me sick!

Here are the signs that you are probably being bullied at work:

1) You are working day and night, only to be criticized by your boss or manager

2) You are being intentionally left out of meetings or social engagements with co-workers

3) You are hearing gossip about you from your work colleagues

4) You wake up in the morning, nauseated and with a headache, and you call in sick more than you know you should

5) You are doing work for your boss, and he/she is taking credit for your ideas and labor

6) You are noticing that you are being sabotaged at every turn

7) You can cut the tension with a knife

8)Your boss/manager is constantly asking you to work an ungodly schedule

So…if you are someone who is experiencing this, then please, please ask for help. And by all means, get out of the environment. Let’s put an end to this madness now!.

Two Must Reads for All Leaders

As we move into the future, the face of leadership is going to change. As the Millennial Generation explodes onto the business scene, they will be bringing with them an entrepreneurial spirit unlike anything we have seen before in history. In order to lead in the future, not only are we all going to be called to understand what it means to be an entrepreneur, we are going to be challenged to shift our thinking and to start challenging our assumptions about the human dynamics which are at play for all business leaders…and those dynamics are going to be moving heaven and earth (just look at what is going on in our world today economically, politically and socially).

To help you along your journey, I am recommending two must reads (and I don’t recommend books that often). These two books are critical additions to your library, because both of these authors have worn many hats in life, have experienced a huge variety of business opportunities and will be the first to admit that they have made mistakes along the way. In spite of any demons they have met in the past, everything they have touched has turned to gold (so of course, why would you not read their books).

So…here we go…the two top reads for this month are:

Beyond Booked Solid: Your Business, Your Life, Your Way Its All Inside by Michael Port

I have come to the conclusion that anyone and their grandmother can write a marketing book. But…writing a marketing book with passion and from the human emotions we all experience as business owners requires a master craftsman. Michael Port is truly such a master, and this book is at the top of my list of biz books for 2008. Port goes deep…challenging business owners to look at the internal shifts required to go from being a great business owner to one making a significant impact on the world.  As we all know, each growth phase of a business requires a new attitude and a new way of seeing your business and the world, and I can promise you this…if you read this book, your life and business are going to change for the better, and there’s no turning back…you will never see your business or your life as you see it today (and that is a great thing…as I always say, you can’t do what you’ve always done to get where you’re going today and tomorrow!). Fabulous!

Awakening the Entrepreneur Within: How Ordinary People Create Extraordinary Companies by Michael Gerber

Michael Gerber’s mission is “to create a turnkey system for awakening the entrepreneur within every person who wishes to go into business for themselves, while providing them with the support for doing it”. Well, he has certainly achieved this mission with this passionate book…calling even the most frustrated entrepreneurs to start dreaming big about what they want for their businesses and their lives. As with The E-Myth Books, Gerber makes this simple and just a great read. You can read the entire book on a Saturday afternoon (while sipping hot tea or coffee in your snuggly robe, but after you read it, you are going to want a hot night out on the town dressed to the nines, because the book will set your soul on fire!) Truly inspiring!.