October 24, 2021

Leadership Coaching Questions to Ask When a Client is Stuck

Leader Is StuckIn leadership coaching (and any type of coaching), there will be times when your client is stuck, blocked or living in fear.  I want to share just a few questions I usually ask in this situation:

1.  You seem stuck.  Describe the block or fear.

2.  When you think of this block, what emotion comes up for you? (You may have to name a few emotions such as fear, frustration, doubt, worry or confusion)

3.  What is really stopping you from this big goal?

4.  What is making this so difficult to accomplish?

5.  What do you need that you don’t have to move through this fear?

6.  When you have faced big fear-filled decisions like this in the past, how have you gotten through them?

7.  What are you gaining from not changing or moving through this fear? (In an awkward way, people are usually gaining comfort or safety, because going and addressing the stuck point is usually filled with fear).

8.  What one tool do you wish you had to help you move through this fear?

9.  If you do not move through this fear and achieve this big goal, what might you stand to lose?

10.  What’s the worst case scenario here?  What’s the fear that is driving that worst case scenario?

11.  What is the critical voice inside of you telling you about this big decision?

12.  When you look on the other side of the block, what do you see?

I would love to hear some comments from a few of you with questions you ask to help your clients get unstuck.

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