October 19, 2021

How Entrepreneurship Can Get Generation Y Back to Work

We talk every day about the men and women ages 45-60 who have lost their jobs, yet very little is being discussed about the Generation Y Demographic (born between 1977-1997) and their struggles to find work.

People just shrug it off and say “Oh…they just want to live at home and watch T.V. and live with their parents.

This is simply not true.  Generation Y is being forced back home, because they are having a really tough time finding work.  When you apply for a job, and you are competing against someone with 20 years of experience, guess who usually gets picked.

So, The Young Entrepreneur Council has formed a movement called #FixYoungAmerica.  The group of Gen Ys are spreading the word all over the world, and they have developed a solutions-based book and movement that aims to end youth unemployment and put young Americans back to work — for good.

So, please visit #FixYoungAmerica to learn more, get involved and pass this post along to everyone you know.  A donation to their mission would also be of great benefit…anything…just $10 or $25.  I have three adult children, one is employed and two are looking for work.  While things are starting to turn, it is super competitive out there, and we need our brightest, most talented young thinkers out in the world doing everything they can to turn things around.

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