October 19, 2021

TOUGH COACHING Starts Today at 12:00 Eastern

As a reminder, TOUGH COACHING will start today,  Wednesday, April 6.

We still have a few openings, so we invite you to register today and invite a friend to do so.  We are going to have a great deal of valuable information to offer you!

Here are the details:

Dates: 6 Consecutive Wednesdays from April 6-May 11, 2011
Time: 12:00-1:00 p.m. Eastern
Facilitators: Bea Fields and Mandy Schumaker

Our first four class clients and topics are as follow.  These are going to be tough clients with rich dialogue and the client will be coached LIVE.  Following the coaching, we will engage the client in a debrief and then turn to you as the audience for a debrief and discussion on what to do, how to do it and any additional ideas you wish to contribute to the group.

April 6: Robert Friesen, Founder and CEO of Bentech and Senior Attorney with  Robbins, May and Rich Attorneys. 
How to coach a client has been coached and has slipped back into old habits.

April 13: Anton Kaufer, Sales Development Manager of Local Thunder. 
How to coach a client who has a challenge around confronting direct reports.

April 20: Dr. Shane Perrault, President of Counseling for African American Couples in Maryland/D.C. Area, author of 2 books and blogger for Psychology Today.
How to coach a client who agrees to complete field work and is not moving through to completion.

April 27:
Scott Wilder, Founding Partner and Digital Strategist at Human 1.0 and the Human 1.0 Network, Acting CMO and Advisor at CloudFi and former Designer and Director of Client Forums and Community for Intuit.
How to coach a client who can’t get ahead due to problems with relationships with others and thinking his ideas are better than others.

Our last two classes will be asking for volunteers from our class to step up and be coached, so please take this opportunity to sign up for our May 4 and May 11 classes for live coaching.

Following the call, you will be given access to a library which will include:

  1. Audio Download of each call
  2. Handouts which cover the topic of the call in thorough detail, including what the behavior “looks like”, the possible root causes of the issues, coaching questions to ask, activities to assign the client and a full set of resources
  3. A list of coaching questions to use with your clients on each topic
  4. At least 3 sample assessments to apply when coaching on client on each topic
  5. A thorough list of resources to help you coach your clients more effectively

Sign Up Today for the 6 Week TOUGH COACHING Program

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