October 24, 2021

Assessment: Are You Truly a Digitally Savvy Leader?

Social Networking SitesI think it is safe to say that the old ways of branding (fancy logos plastered on newspaper ads and television screens) are outdated and are simply not working. With DVRs and remote controls, people block out advertising, and if you have not noticed, newspapers are becoming thinner and thinner and are being replaced by online marketing mechanisms.

New media (online social networking, forums, bookmarketing sites and news feeds) are forcing all of us to rethink our approaches to marketing if we want to stay alive in the world of business.

So, take a few minutes and assess yourself by answering these ten statements: Are You Truly a Digitally Savvy Leader? If you do not answer “yes” to each of these questions, the time is now to brush up on your skill sets.  Take the assessment here.

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