December 2, 2021

Camie Marion Portrait Artist: A True Inspirational Leader

Picture of Chumley

"Chumley", Painted by Camie Marion of Camie Stroupe Marion Portraits

Many people come to me every day, and say…I just don’t know how to inspire or to influence people. I then begin to look closely at the skills, talents and attributes of the person and find how to leverage those into a source of inspiration.

Camie Marion of is one woman who is truly an inspirational leader, but she would NEVER see herself as one. She is an artist, and a fabulous one at that. She spends the majority of her day painting portraits of people, their pets, their places of interest and of things of the heart. I have listened to her story, and her big goal is to paint the portrait so that it literally makes the buyer gasp. I have even seen her completely paint over a face or a mouth or ears and start all over again, because it “just wasn’t right”. While Camie is a perfectionist (which you do need in an artist), she is also someone who knows how meaningful people are to each other, how much people love their pets and how certain places in their lives bring back memories and joy. She would never do anything to destroy that.

On the side, Camie is an animal rescue advocate. She manages several ferrell cat colonies in Moore County, NC, and she is constantly out rescuing animals who have been abused or left to die. She brings them back to great health and either makes the animal a family member or finds them the best home they could ever dream of. In this respect, Camie inspires others through her servant leadership to a cause that gets her up at 6:00 a.m. every morning.

So, when you think that you are not inspiring others, just think of Camie Marion. There are multiple ways to inspire and influence others, and it is up to you to find out how to do that and pull it to the surface so that the lives of others are impacted in a positive way.

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