January 28, 2022

Why Do Executives Fail? Find Out In The New Edition of The Next Level by Scott Eblin

"Scott Eblins Book The Next Level"

Want to know why most executives fail in about 18 months and what to do about it? If so, just click on this image and pick up 3 copies today!

Scott Eblin is probably one of my favorite executive coaches.  He’s smart, savvy,  talks straight…is no nonsense, successful and he really knows his stuff.  He has been extremely helpful to me AND to many coaches and executives around the world.

So, it gives me great pleasure to tell you today about Scott’s 2nd edition of his groundbreaking book:

The Next Level: What Insiders Know About Executive Success.  Scott’s first edition of The Next Level was a smashing hit, and after looking at a few points in the new book, I cannot wait to dive in and read every page.

In the book, Eblin lays out in spades that the skills and strengths that send careers up the corporate ladder aren’t the same ones that a rising executive will need to survive. Eblin’s research reveals that 40 percent of new leaders don’t last more than 18 months.  So, if you want to know how to beat the odds or help your executive clients beat those awful odds, pick, up a copy of the book so that you can learn the habits and beliefs executives must let go of in order to really make it.

Just a few points the book includes (this does not begin to cover it!):

  • Fresh insights from global executives on what it takes to succeed in a competitive marketplace.
  • Nineteen Coachable Moment sidebars that provide proven context specific coaching tips for improving leadership effectiveness.
  • Data Points that spotlight the vital leadership behaviors that research shows rising leaders and executives must master.
  • An expansion of the popular Situation Solutions Guide appendix to provide tips on how to deal with more of the predictable situations that executives will face in their careers.

So, pick up 3 copies today...one for yourself, one for an executive in your life and one for anyone working with an executive.  We can ALL learn from Scott’s wisdom.

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