October 19, 2021

Who’s Leading Who In the White House?

"obamas dog bo"

Is Bo Running the White House? I Mean He Has His Own Blog!

For years, we have heard rumors (only rumors) that Vice President Dick Cheney MAY have pulled a few of President Bush’s strings, making decisions right and left for our country.  Now, we are hearing that Rham Emanual’s quest for the Mayorship of Chicago may be a good thing…that some feel he is too hard hitting, called too many shots.  I’m not there…I don’t know!  I only can go on what I hear, watch and read in the media (which can get anyone in trouble).  But, it makes for interesting blog posts.

But the most telling information I have heard is from Cesar Milan (AKA The Dog Whisperer).  During an interview last night on the Joy Behar Show, Milan pointed out that the majority of past Presidents have allowed their dogs to “lead the pack” and that this is a big No! No! in the world of pet owners…that letting a dog lead YOU sends the message that they are in charge.  Well maybe they are!

I know I am also a violator of this.  I have been working with my dog Rosie to be more of a follower than “pulling me” on our walks.  I don’t know how many times people have asked me “Who’s walking who?”  Well, that is a great question!

This all leads me to truly wonder who has REALLY been running things at the White House.  Maybe President Bush  was being advised by  Barney (who has his own website,  was known for snapping at the press and not wanting to get on the helicopter…I don’t blame him..Go Barney!)  And now, it looks like the Obama’s are having a bit of a time with Bo (who has his own blog…oh, of course, this is a young Boomer/Gen X/Gen Y hybrid family, so Bo has to be on the social networks). It just makes me wonder if the dogs are pulling our presidents along who else is doing the dragging?

Watch as The Dog Whisperer explains the situation:

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