October 19, 2021

Blogging for Education: Please Vote!

As a reminder, our Blogging for Education voting is still open through December 31, 2010

I encourage you to vote by going to this url:  http://blog.becomeabloggingmaniac.com/blogging-for-education

Please thoroughly read each post, judging your choice based on creativity, unique thought and pushing the edge on the subject of education. At the end of the list of posts, please select the radio button in our multiple choice section which matches the blog you wish to vote for.

Good luck bloggers!

Entries (listed in order received).

1. Why Superman Can’t Rescue Our Schools by Dolores Hagen



2. What’s Keeping Our Kids from Learning by Rosemary Santillo



3. Public Education Can Save Our Country by Yvonne Thompson



4. Bring Religion to Public Education by Janine Elias



5. Will a Harvard Degree Boost You to the Top? by Jeannette Paladino



6. Recreating Education Throughout the Lifespan by Jo Caywood



7. That Fairy Tale called Childhood, Mr. Glodowski, and Lifelong Learning by Rachel Hedman


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