October 19, 2021

If It’s Broken…It’s Fixable! Watch This Great Video by Seth Godin

its broken

If it's broken to me...it's broken!

About two weeks ago, I bought this piece of software called Article Submitter 2. It is touted as the best thing since sliced bread (why do we always compare everything to a piece of sliced bread). Anyway, this piece of software was created by Double Head Publishing (see…I am being nice by promoting their site) so that I could “easily” submit my articles to over 1550 directories. I thought “okay…I’ll give it a try”.

So, I installed the software, submitted a few articles, and low and behold, SOME OF THE ARTICLE DIRECTORIES WOULD NOT TAKE MY INPUT! IMAGINE THAT! I also started getting these errors upon submission like “this page does not exist.” I would then go over to the actual site, hand submit my article, and VOILA! Article submitted

I contacted the company (Double Head Publishing) and asked for a refund. They proceeded to tell me that I needed to get on the phone with them so that they could show me how to use the software. I did not need that! I knew how to use the software. Let me repeat…the software worked on SOME sites but for many of the sites, the software did not work.

So, I then went and complained to Pay Pal and asked for a refund. They would not give a refund, because they said Double Head publishing said I “refused to accept their offer of customer service.” At the end of the day, their software is broken…end of subject. Don’t tell me I can submit to 1550 article directories when 30 that I know of won’t take an article using their system but WILL take them when I hand submit. There is an easy way to fix their software (just take out the darn sites that won’t accept our articles) but then they could not put on their sales page that submitting to 1550 articles is going to make my life so easy!

In my opinion, Article Submitter 2 is broken…even though only PARTIALLY broken…it is broken.  And any respectable company would refund your money if the item does not work as promised, but I am just not going to push it, as I can tell I am going nowhere with Double Head Publishing.  If you do business with them, I just recommend that you call ahead and ask a LOT of questions before buying anything.  I did not do that, so I take full responsibility for not calling and for not taking their offer of customer service (which would just have been them trying to convince me that I did not know what I was doing according to the curt emails I received when kindly asking for a refund).

Here is their contact information:

Customer Service URL: http://articlesubmitterpro.com
Customer Service Email: admin@doubleheadpublishing.com
Customer Service Phone: 413-547-2953

This post is a lead in to a GREAT video by Seth Godin on This is Broken! If I say it’s broken (not working for me)…it’s broken. And, there is ALWAYS a solution.

Just watch the video here: VERY Entertaining

Seth Godin at Gel 2006 from Gel Conference on Vimeo.

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