December 2, 2021

Teleclass Tomorrow: Social Media 101: How to Manage Your Online Life and Business By Tapping Into a Social Media Manager

Beafields Twitter, Facebook, Blogging, Linked-In! HELP! There are thousands of social media sites popping up every day, and most business leaders are saying they are truly living in overwhelm about how to manage these sites, the things their employees say online, their privacy and how to protect their products and services. The answer? A Social Media Manager. While social media skills will eventually become a main part of our resumes, for the current time being, social media specialists are needed to help companies manage their online conversations and duties which are foreign to most marketers. During this presentation, Bea Fields, Generation Y author and Chief Principal of Become a Blogging Maniac will provide you with both the profile and the guidelines needed to bring this very specialized individual to your team.

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