November 30, 2021

Free Webinar Coming This Wednesday: Coaching For 2010 and Beyond: 5 Critical Strategies for Leading During Uncertain Times

Date: June 3, 2009 @ 1 PM EDT

Title: Coaching For 2010 and Beyond: 5 Critical Strategies for Leading During Uncertain Times

Most leaders think they know how to get a team to move in the direction of change and lucrative bottom line results. The reality is this:  Most leaders stink at getting their teams moving in the right direction. Why? Because most are just not coachable!

We are currently living in a challenging economic environment that demands executive leaders to be innovative, empathetic and coachable. Most leaders don’t think they need coaching…that coaching is reserved for the grade C/D team player who is on their way out the door.  This is not only not true…it is a flawed myth.  True leadership coaching does not work for problematic people…it only works for the true A players of the world.   In order to be able to see problems coming from a mile away, to get your team to act in an instant and to fulfill your promises to your customers, as a leader, you must be willing to step up to the plate to hear the tough feedback you need to hear about your behavior and be willing to be coached so that you can both improve and grow as a leader.  During this presentation, Bea Fields will be presenting the 5 main leadership stallers and stoppers that get in the way of true success and the 5 critical leadership strategies every leader will need in order to move their companies into a direction of growth and prosperity for the year 2010 and beyond.

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