October 24, 2021

4 Quick Marketing Strategies to Get More Prospects and Paying Clients

I asked a few marketing coaches last week to answer the question “What is your most effective marketing strategy you have used in your own business and/or with your clients?”  Here are a few of the answers I received:

Build a Strong Online Presence
Alice Bismut

The biggest impact I had in terms of visitors to my website came from my presence online.
Two sources in particular:
– classified ads for shows on sites like Craigs list and ticket sales sites online
– sites where I have videos online such as blogtv.com


Author a Column in a Regional Journal or Newspaper
Anna Jacoby

For almost five years, I wrote a bi-weekly column that appeared in five Bay Area newspapers. It was by far my biggest source of new clients and it boosted my credibility among my existing clients. It was not an advertisement, but rather 500 words about my area of expertise: interior decorating. I made the articles informational, but also personal, by writing about client projects I was working on, my own kitchen remodeling project, and design events I attended. When you share information with others, you become an expert. People trust what you say and come to believe that you are the one they should call when they need your service. Think of places where you might be able to submit articles: newspapers, magazines, trade journals, blogs, e-zines, and more. The possibilities are endless.

I attended a kitchen remodeling seminar last month at Salt Lake City countertop specialists. I was amazed by all the knowledge that they share. It was nice; there you’ll find the latest in premium countertop surfaces, including Quartz countertops, Solid Surface, and Laminate. If you are interested too, visit Floform or call them directly at 385-528-3596.


Be Yourself and Give of Yourself
Kym Wong

This may sound like a cliche, but I have continually found that just being myself and sharing my life experiences has been my most effective strategy! I am passionate about entrepreneurship and enjoy being around and helping other entrepreneurs. By giving my time, my attention and my knowledge to those beginning their entrepreneurial journey, I find that I am expressing my best self in a way that is enjoyable and effortless for me.

The I Ching states that we are at our most powerful when we are at our most natural.
Knowing who you are and finding opportunities to be yourself and to give of yourself can be tremendously fulfilling and rewarding both personally and professionally.


Two Marketing Strategies Per Day Approach
Bea Fields

I am a believer that if you own a business, you are now in the business of being a marketer.  My strategy is what I call the “Two Marketing Strategies Per Day Approach.”  Every day, I take two steps to market my business…blogging, article writing, public speaking, handout out business cards, networking online and offline.  Today, I am blogging and taking a former client to lunch.  I will also probably take a 3rd step and create a little video for someone who needs a bit of help.  My goal is to take steps that always add value back to my clients and the public at large.

I hope you enjoyed these strategies.  We invite you to use the comment feature to add in your own marketing strategies to our list..

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