October 24, 2021

3 Behaviors Guaranteed to Destroy Your Credibility as a Leader

In this day and age, I will be the first to admit that it is tough to be a leader.  The world is changing by the minute, and as a leader, hundreds of eyes are on you…watching and critiquing every move you make.

The following behaviors are 3 of the most common I have observed in my work as an executive coach and consultant to be the biggest derailment factors in a leader’s life.  These behaviors can seriously hurt your credibility and prevent you from building trust with others and effectively leading your team.  Over time, if used repeatedly, these behaviors can literally destroy your business or organization.

If any of these behaviors are causing you a challenge in your life as a leader, I invite you to contact me for a consultation to discuss how I can help you begin to design a developmental plan to improve your overall leadership effectiveness.

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3 Behaviors Guaranteed to  Destroy Your Credibility as a Leader

1) Sarcasm. It seems to me that people just enjoy being sarcastic.  I suppose to some it is a sense of humor, but to the person receiving the sarcasm, it can almost feel like a form of emotional abuse.  Sarcasm is biting, can cut to the core of another human being and is most often used as a way to taunt someone or passively tell them that they “stink” or just aren’t cutting it.

Solution: Sit down and have a passionate, compassionate and direct conversation with the person you are wanting to target.  Apologize for your sarcastic tendencies, and ask your team to call you on the carpet when they hear you moving in the direction of using sarcasm.  If you are going to use humor, the best form of humor is self-depricating.  But…if you are trying to direct your humor at another person’s expense, you will instantly diminish your credibility.

2) Delaying Problem Solving Hoping the Problem Will Just “Go Away.” I see this every day, and here is the reality:  If you have a big problem in your life, in your company or on your desk, ignoring it is going to escalate the problem from being an open sore to a full blown infection in your company.

Solution: When a problem strikes, sit down with your most trusted advisors, and ask for input.  Move out of your comfort zone to start formulating not only a solution to a problem but a proactive plan so that the problem does not rear its ugly head again.

3) Lack of Political Savvy. We live in a world based on political maneuvers.  If you think your business or your company does not play politics, then it’s time to get real…political moves govern the majority of decisions made in life, and as a leader, you have to be willing to 1) Admit that you have politics in your organization and 2) Know how to navigate the political waters so that you promote growth, rapport and build trust.

Solution: Begin to get to know as many people in your organization and the influence they have on others.  Learn what motivates them, what ticks them off and find the best approach so that you can work with the influencers in your company without compromising your core values.  Many people who are politically influential have big egos, so you are going to need to check your ego at the door so that at the end of the day, you can all get the job done.  You will be asked to be flexible…again…without compromising your values and code of ethics.

These leadership skills are not just skills for leaders…they are skills for everyone…business owners, service professionals, parents, teachers and students.  If you are someone who is ready to improve your leadership behaviors so that you live a better, more fulfilling life, please set up a time for a consultation.  We can discuss a developmental plan to help you enhance your leadership skills so that you improve your overall results..

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