November 30, 2021

Where is John Galt?

Charles Broadwell had a great column in the Fayetteville Observer yesterday.

The topic?  John Galt….who is mentioned in the first line of the novel Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand.   You see, John Allison, former CEO of BB&T bank spoke recently to Fayetteville State University.  Allison built the bank on the principles shared in Rand’s novel, and here are a few mentioned by Allison during the speech this past week:

— “Believe you can be good and have a moral right to be happy.”

— “Everything that’s alive must act out of self-interest or die.”

— “Failing to deal with nonperformance is a form of injustice.”

— “Be responsible.”

— “Reality is independent of popularity. Polls have nothing to do with the truth.”

Just great insight to reflect on for the day..

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