October 24, 2021

Should Teachers Incorporate Texting and Twitter Into the Classroom?

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It is not uncommon for me to turn on the news or read an article about texting in the classroom. Teachers are pulling their hair out trying to stop it…and the more they resist, the more the students persist. I even saw recently where a student was caught texting, the teacher called the police (after an argument) and the student hid her cell phone in her pants. Argh!

From where I sit, it makes perfect sense to start using texting in the classroom. Imagine this: Every child in the classroom has a cell phone, the teacher has Twitter open on a big screen television, a discussion happens, and the students all weigh in by posting to Twitter. The class can then choose a topic on the screen to explore in further detail.

I am sure this sounds ridiculous, and many critics will argue that not everyone has a cell phone nor can they afford it…true! BUT…I have been into several public schools, and it is hard for me to find a student who does not own a cell phone and who does not text as the main means of communication. So…that is a hiccup we would have to address (to make sure that everyone has a text plan that is free, etc.)

I suppose my main thought here is this…if students are texting, tweeting and on their laptops checking their friends’ Facebook comings and goings during class, then why not bring this into the classroom? I think the whole “broadcast/lecture” model is not working, and we have to find a way to get our students engaged and involved.

Would love to hear your comments on this post and the video below.


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