October 19, 2021

Jamie Varon on Does Generation Y Need to Grow Up?

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I’m just now getting caught up on my reading on Brazen Careerist.  (Great site and blogs…you need to check it out…all Gen Ys blogging on great topics we all need to know about.)

Jamie Varon has a great post from last month:  Does Generation Y Need to Grow Up?

She makes a few great points.  We need Gen Y’s optimism and confidence right now.  And…if you are a Boomer or older Gen X, think back to when you were in your early 20’s, and you wanted to change the world.  What happened to that dream?  Did you let corporate group think pull you down into the mud and the yuck?

Quite frankly, I am on Jamie’s and Gen Y’s side on this issue.  If you are a leader, I believe it is your role to open up, be more optimistic and listen to what your Gen Ys are trying to say to you.  They are tired of the pessimism and skepticism that they are being dished out by senior leaders who call them names and try to turn them into surly “workers” who become “yes men and women” for the organization.

So, go over to Jamie’s post, and add a few comments on how you can help come to a meeting of the minds with your young careerists.


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