December 2, 2021

Is Celebrity Narcissism Affecting Our Kids and Young Adults?

“The USA’s celebrity-obsessed culture is causing us to become more narcissistic, says behavior expert and physician Drew Pinsky, co-author of The Mirror Effect: How Celebrity Narcissism Is Seducing America. It may be especially dangerous for young people, who view celebrities as role models, say co-authors Pinsky (an internist better known on TV and radio as Dr. Drew) and S. Mark Young, a social scientist. ”

This article in USA Today yesterday is worth the read.  I do agree that celebrity narcissism is creating a few issues not only for our kids but for adults, but what about the narcissism in our business world?  Many of us did not know the name Madoff until recently.  I suppose my question is this “Why does the media place such a big spotlight on some of the most notorious narcissists of our times and actually romanticize their lives in the process?”  I guess to sell papers, advertising and to get eyeballs on their news shows.  However some parents are obsessed in some cool children’s electric cars here because the kids are watching that on the television every day with cars they drive, and honestly roller skates are still in fashion and we know kids prefer them. I suppose no one would read or watch if we devoted our media attention to people who were actually making our world a better place to live.  Those stories are reserved for public television and the Documentary Channel, and occasionally they do slip into the mainstream media, but they certainly don’t make headlines.

Would love to hear your comments on this topic.


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