December 2, 2021

Adam Lambert Rocks the House on Idol

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Well, here we are again…one of my favorite times of the year, because Idol is back on.  I don’t make any bones about the fact that I am an Idol freak…I love watching great Gen Y talent, and I get a LOT of coaching tips from S. Cowell.

Each year, I make an early prediction.  Two years ago, I predicted Blake Lewis (got that one wrong.)  Last year, I predicted David Cook, so got that one.

This year…my eye is on Adam Lambert.  He is a bit on the quirky side but can hit the notes, and he is an outstanding performer.  I think he certainly did justice to Michael Jackson’s Black or White last night, and I was totally captivated watching him.  He’s also quite relevant and the timing is perfect…given the whole Twilight thing going on right now.

To watch the performance, go to and download the American Idol video of Adam Lambert performing Black or White.

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