October 18, 2017

Adam Lambert Rocks the House on Idol

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Well, here we are again…one of my favorite times of the year, because Idol is back on.  I don’t make any bones about the fact that I am an Idol freak…I love watching great Gen Y talent, and I get a LOT of coaching tips from S. Cowell.

Each year, I make an early prediction.  Two years ago, I predicted Blake Lewis (got that one wrong.)  Last year, I predicted David Cook, so got that one.

This year…my eye is on Adam Lambert.  He is a bit on the quirky side but can hit the notes, and he is an outstanding performer.  I think he certainly did justice to Michael Jackson’s Black or White last night, and I was totally captivated watching him.  He’s also quite relevant and the timing is perfect…given the whole Twilight thing going on right now.

To watch the performance, go to http://itunes.com and download the American Idol video of Adam Lambert performing Black or White.


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