December 2, 2021

Want To Learn How to Navigate Tough Times? Become a Certified Guerrilla Marketing Coach

Back in 2004, I had the opportunity to complete Mitch Meyerson’s Guerrilla Marketing Coach Certification Program.  I did not know Mitch, but I knew of Jay Conrad Levinson and his Guerrilla Marketing Books.

So, I picked up the phone and called Mitch.  He filled me in that he and Jay had collaborated on a project to take the Guerrilla Marketing books and turn them into a coaching program.  Brilliant!  So, I signed up for the program, and that was the beginning of the rest of my life.

It was during this program that I had to sit down and complete this big “final project” in order to pass the course.  I had to design my brand, design marketing materials to go with it, write a full scale marketing plan and send it all into Mitch.  I remember being so nervous that Mitch was going to see my marketing plan that at that time was certainly designed by a novice.  It was during this course that the Five Star Leader brand was born.

Since 2004, I have led this program with Mitch two times, and I will be leading the program again with him starting February 25 (so funny considering I was his student five years ago.)  I cannot say enough about the program.  It is simple but powerful.  You not only walk away with a great marketing plan for your own business but you then have all the tools you need AND the title of Certified Guerrilla Marketing Coach to put behind your name so that you can learn how to coach others on their marketing and get paid to do it! Here is the link to sign up:

The GMC program is the one program that dramatically changed my business. I not only learned how to market my business like a pro, but I was to turn around immediately and exponentially increase my income by coaching others on how to market their business.

With the Guerrilla Marketing Coach Certification Program, the benefits are amazing!

With this 5-star program, you will learn how to:

* Market like the big guns on a fraction of their budget
* Coach others on their marketing and earn an extra source of income as a bi-product
* Develop a global client base who is looking for marketing coaches
* Network with over 100 top Guerrilla Marketing Coaches who are the top players in their field
* Offer a service that is so desperately needed during tough economic times
* Brand your business with one of the most well respected names in the marketing industry…with the words “Certified Guerrilla Marketing Coach” behind your name, people will stand up and take notice.

Read what a few top players have to say about the Certified Guerrilla Marketing Coach Program:

“I was amazed to look at my books and realize that my business has grown 300% in the 12 weeks that we have met!”
— Don Lawler, Certified GM Coach

“Guerrilla Marketing Certification has helped me gain more new business, faster, because I now have the tools to respond better to my clients’ needs.”
Alex Mandossian, Traffic Conversion Specialist

“Whatever business we are in is really a ‘marketing’ business. Subsequently I’ve been through book after book and workshop after workshop and absolutely nothing comes close to matching the experience and the results I got from the Guerrilla Marketing Coach Certification Program. The GMC program helps you pick up all the profits most entrepreneurs leave on the table. I couldn’t have made a wiser choice!
Craig Valentine , 1999 World Champion Speaker
If this if of interest to you, I would encourage you to go ahead and sign up today. If you have questions, call me at (910) 692-6118, and I am happy to talk with you!


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