October 19, 2021

Gen Y at Work Survey

A few of you have asked for the full results from the survey we conducted in June, July and August of 2008.  While I know we are now 6 months past this time, I am posting the full results again for those of you who have inquired.

The Gen Y Project
Generation Y at Work Survey

During the months of June, July and August of 2008, we surveyed 320 Generation Y careerists, ranging in age from 21-27 years of age. In the survey, we asked a few questions about leadership and what Generation Y is looking for in the companies and leaders they serve.  The following include the results of the survey:

1. How important is your own leadership development as a determining factor when choosing to stay with a company?

Very Important: 60.58%
Important: 28.85%
Somewhat Important: 9.62%
Not Important: 0.96%

2. How important is your own leadership development when choosing to work for a company?

Very Important: 54.46%
Important: 35.15%
Somewhat Important: 10.40%
Not Important: 0.00%

3. What leadership traits are you most looking for in the leaders in your workplace?

The top ten most common responses are listed from 1-10 in order of importance (answer number 1 is the top answer)

Top Answer: Number 1: Honesty

2: The ability to inspire

3: Integrity

4: Competence

5: Humility

6: Fairness

7: Respect

8: Visionary

9: Concern and care for employees

10: The ability to truly listen

4. What are the biggest turn-offs for you with the leaders in your workplace?

Top Answer: 1: Arrogance (I know it all!)

2: Big egos (The success is all about me and how great I am)

3: Hypocrisy/Being Two-Faced

4: Lying and sneakiness

5: Narrow-mindedness

6: Micro-management and bossiness

7: Ignorance (my boss does not know what the heck he/she is doing)

8: Negative attitudes

9: Inauthentic

10: Sketchiness/Corruption/Flashing Money/Not on the Up and Up/Secretive Behavior

5. When you leave a company, what one thing causes you to leave?

Top Answer: 1: Weak Leadership (Leaders are blamers, whiners, disrespectful and lack vision)

2: Money

3: Lack of opportunity for professional growth

4: Lack of opportunity for advancement in the company

5: Better offer or opportunity with another company

6: Lack of acknowledgment for a job well done from bosses and managers

7: Work and work environment are boring

8: Lack of ethics in the company

9: Work culture is not fun and exciting

10: The work has no meaning

6. If you stay with a company, what factors cause you to want to stay?

Top Answer:  #1:  Great work environment (positive, upbeat, fun, attractive, high tech, energetic and supportive)

2: Great people (great boss, great manager, great co-workers, great friends at work)

3: Opportunity for career development, growth and ongoing training

4: Money (most clarified this by saying they wanted pay to be in line with their talents and skills)

5: Opportunities for promotion/advancement in the company

6: Happiness at work (loving my job and being happy with it)

7:  To know that I am doing work that is meaningful and is making an impact on the greater world

8: Job security

9: Great benefits (vacation, health insurance)

10: Strong leadership (vision, integrity, trust and inspiration at the top of the company)


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