October 24, 2021

10 More Ways Gen Y Will Change the Workplace by Ryan Healy

Last May, Ryan Healy wrote a post titled 10 Ways Generation Y Will Change the Workplace. It was read by thousands of people, and Healy has now posted another great entry on how Millennials will change the workplace given the current state of the economy.

I will just add to Ryan’s list one thought:  Gen Y is looking a LOT like the GI Generation of the early 1900s era.  They are very optimistic, hopeful (think Roaring 20’s) and were born and raised in an era of influence.  Suddenly, we are hit with global terrorism and a war…and war usually brings along a recession.  FDR was a man who came into his adulthood in the roaring 20’s, and the New Deal was of course his big initiative.  I fully expect to see our Gen Y’s become more politically active and civic minded, and it would not surprise me to see a modern day FDR step forward with a brand new deal.   I believe that the war in Iraq has created in Gen Y one of the most caring, civic minded generations we have seen in a long, long time.  I  believe Gen Y will use their civic duty to come up with some brilliant approaches to bring the private and public sectors together (just my 2 cents!) in order to make our political system actually work!

Great post by Ryan.  Read it here.


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