October 19, 2021

Do You Give Up Too Soon?

The thing that I think I most admired about the way President Elect Obama ran his campaign did not have to do with his charisma or calm demeanor…it had to do with his willingness to stick to the course…his perseverence was most impressive. He stayed on course, continued to speak the same message, had his same core campaign team in place at the end, and even though the media had predicted him the winner, Obama was still out (the day before the election) knocking on doors and telling people to get out and vote. “We can’t quit” were the words he kept saying over and over again, and his strategy worked!

This stick-ability is what we all need right now. With the economy heading south, it’s very easy to just throw in the towel and call it quits. But…I am here to say with confidence that there are opportunities out there that can help us all get through this time…but not if we’re going to quit!

So, today’s post will give you a few strategies that I use with my clients to help them see a project through.

1) If you are not succeeding on the third try of doing something, switch approaches. You may be stuck in a worn out groove that has become outdated. Try a new approach that others are using that seems to be working. Try a new marketing approach or a new way of delivering your message. Shave with your less dominant hand. The key here is to switch up the way you are doing things.

2) If you are having conflict with another person, talk about it, and stay on the behavior…not the person. When leaders are “stuck”, 99% of the time, it is because there is another party involved and a conflict is looming. I highly recommend the book Crucial Confrontations for every leader I meet. The book has gobs of suggestions on how to tackle those tough encounters.

3) Stop taking things personally. When you take things personally, the world is all about you! Do you think Obama let what the world was saying stop him? Absolutely not! He kept on going even in the face of backlash and doubt that he was not experienced enough to lead our county. When you depersonalize the situation, you can look at the facts, questions and answers objectively and move ahead from there.

4) Choose your battles. Are you trying to fight each and every battle that comes your way? If so, you may be “battle spinning” as I call it. There are some battles worth fighting for and some that you need to let go. Choose your battles wisely.

5) Say “no” to your own procrastination. We all procrastinate, and when we procrastinate, we are not in action. We are thinking about all that we are not doing or have not done. Look closely at your reason for procrastination and move that off your agenda. If you are going to persevere, you need to do it without a laundry list of activities on your plate..

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