September 23, 2021

What Good Are Exit Interviews? by Trina Roach

Trina Roach has a great blog: Creating Tomorrow. I just love the name!

She has a particularly good post from June 7 on exit interviews.

This is an area where I find most leaders and managers struggle. They say that they just don’t want to hear the bad news. I always wonder if this is more about a leadership or personality trait…the employee leaves because they have been working for a difficult boss, and to hear anything negative is unnerving. Yet as Trina points out, the exit interview can provide you a gold mine of information.

If you are reading this blog post today, I challenge you to consider the last time when someone left your company. While your employee may have told you he/she was moving on for another career opportunity, what other reasons caused them to leave? What about your leadership style created the desire for talent to walk out the door?  And…how can you get to the root of the situation during an exit interview so that you grow as a leader?  It will take guts for you to hear it, but the risk is so worth the reward.

Check out Trina’s post today…great stuff! .

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