October 19, 2021

Want to Be Successful? Help People Out!

I was meeting a few days ago with a few younger biz leaders, and out of the blue, someone asked me “Bea…what do you think the key to success is?”

The answer just flew out of my mouth “Just help people out.”

I cannot tell you how true this is. Throughout my life, I have been a “helper”. I just can’t “help it.” Okay…enough of the corny stuff. People call me generous, but I honestly learned this trait from my parents and grandparents. We all believed that when someone needed help, you did not wait for them to ask. You just went and helped them. Some people call this a character flaw in me, because I often give way too much. I call it a blessing.

I have found in life that the most important question you can ask a friend, colleague, customer, employee or boss is “How can I help you?” Then…go help them. If you just ask the question without any follow through, then your word cannot be trusted. If you ask and then act, the rewards you feel from giving can fuel your passion.

At some point along the way, we all have to strike that balance…between helping people who constantly take from us and knowing how to be in a mutually supportive relationship. You have to know when to be of support and when to then ask for help, and if someone refuses to help you out, well…just do your best to still be kind and be very selective about how much giving you do back to the person who is constantly taking from you (I call those people the blood suckers, and we all have them in our lives unless we choose to do something about it.)

Over the last two years, I have written two books and have contributed two chapters to two other books, and I have certainly learned who the true “helpers” are in my life. And, they did not turn out to be the people I thought it would be. I thought the people I have helped out numerous times over the last few years would be there by my side, but they weren’t and did not seem to really care. Hey…that’s certainly fine, but I have learned that the people you might least expect to be there will be there in a flash…if you just ask and continue helping them out along the way. I have learned through this process that I have had to surround myself with a brand new group of people who are respectful of the work I do, who enjoy spending time with me and who want the best for me, so it’s then delightful to be in a helping relationship with them.

So…go out today and help someone, and then turn around and ask someone in your life for help. Let me know how it turns out for you.


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